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Sling Media Releases Free* Versions Of Its SlingPlayer TV Streaming Apps

photo: Sling Media

In addition to a Slingbox, you need the corresponding Android app to get everything to work. There’s a separate version for phones and tablets, both of which cost $15. Except now Sling Media has produced a free version of each. – Bertel King, Jr., Android Police

YouTube 6.0 Lets Users Post to The Chat Area On Live Streaming Videos

It looks like the latest release of the YouTube app for Android has at least one more trick up its sleeve that escaped our notice in the APK Teardown. Reader Dan saw that when he opened up a live streaming video in the Android app, there was a new “Live Chat” option at the bottom. […] Live chats on YouTube live streaming videos are nothing new, but they were previously reserved for the desktop browser version of the site. We’ve checked the older YouTube Android apps, and sure enough, the options above simply aren’t there. – Michael Crider,Android Police

Comedy Central Releases Official Android App Complete With Full Episode Streaming And A Channel…

The folks over at Comedy Central have hit up Google Play with an official Android app, and it’s looking pretty good. The company’s promising full episodes available the day after they air, stand-up specials, and access to some older content […] A TV subscription is required for most of the content, though the Play Store page says a login isn’t required to view the latest episodes. I haven’t had any luck getting shows to stream without a cable subscription, but the app’s still young enough for this to possibly be a kink. – Bertel King, Jr.,Android PoliceĀ 
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1q8WMJJ )

This Is YouTube Music Key, Google’s Upcoming Subscription Service

YouTube is set to launch a service called YouTube Music Key, and Google is set to rebrand Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key. […] YouTube Music Key will offer a 30-day free trial to start, after which the service will run $9.99/month. Interestingly, that price will evidently include both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key. We can’t be sure right now if early adopters of Play Music All Access will continue to enjoy a discounted subscription rate [.] – Liam Spradlin,Android Police