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Google’s Nexus Player Android TV streaming box about to go retail

Newegg will sell the Nexus Player for $99.99, and the gamepad for $39.99, which is what Google is charging customers on Google Play as well. But it looks like Newegg won’t be the only retailer to sell the Android TV streaming box: On Reddit, two users are reporting that they have seen the device at their local Walmart. The Walmart website doesn’t list the player just yet, but it’s likely that it will make an appearance there within the next few days as well. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom
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Cable Boxes are Screwing Independent Filmmakers. Google to the Rescue?

[I]f someone’s heard of your film, in order to actually find it on their cable box, they must: 1) know they have On Demand in the first place, 2) know where to find On Demand, 3) know which particular On Demand channel to search on, 4) know to search for several abbreviated versions of the title if they don’t find it initially, and 5) remember their PIN code to make the purchase, if they ever set it up in first place, and if they didn’t, know the default PIN code. Going through those steps, you go from 75% to 50% to 25% to 10% to 5% of the customers. By the time you narrow down the customer base to people who fit all of those criteria, we’ve already lost most of your potential viewers. […] When Google announced their first foray into TV four years ago, I wrote, optimistically, “Google TV is what independent filmmakers have been waiting for.” In retrospect, I couldn’t have been more wrong, because in turned out no one was waiting for Google TV — or, at least, no one was buying it. Google tried again with their Roku-esque dongle Chromecast, but that was never going to disrupt the industry except by lowering the price of entry. […] Microsoft is trying with the Xbox (which unfortunately has to resort to IR-blasting), Apple has long had a rumored next-gen TV product in the works, and now Google is trying again with its new Nexus Player, which runs the latest version of Android TV. Similar to how Google launches unbranded Nexus phones as an example of best practices for Android phones, the Nexus Player is an unbranded example of what other manufacturers can do with Android TV. – Ryan Koo,No Film School 
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Google Submits 2nd Gen Chromecast To FCC

Google appears poised to refresh Chromecast (in addition to cranking away on the new Android TV platform). As to what’s improved, FCC filing details are scarce due to the typical 180 confidentiality request. Having said that, we anticipate this is a minor hardware revision given the incoming device sports the same model number as my original streaming+mirroring stick (tho the FCC ID increments from -42 to -2A) – perhaps representing a swapping of internal components for cost savings and/or performance gains. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny
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Google’s Nexus Player offers streaming and gaming for $99

Google regained its streaming cred with the Chromecast, and now it’s looking to offer up another set-top box. The compact Nexus Player will handle streaming, games and run Android apps. An included remote wrangles navigation with voice controls for finding the content you’re after on the ASUS-made gadget. For those gaming sessions, a $39 controller can be tacked on as an additional purchase. […] It’s also the first device to run Android TV, an effort detailed back at I/O and promised to arrive alongside Android L, er… Lollipop. And yes, you’ll be able to “cast” stuffs from other devices to your TV. In terms of content options, you can expect Netflix, Hulu, Food Network, Travel Channel and more for now — but there’s no mention of either WatchESPN or HBO GO. […] the $99 unit will be available on November 3rd, however if you’re anxious to lock one down, you can pre-order the Nexus Player on October 17th. – Billy Steele,Engadget
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Google Android TV could change the streaming player

The arrival of Google’s Android TV platform, which runs on NVIDIA Tegra K1 technology, could well disrupt the landscape for streaming media players now dominated by Roku and Apple TV […] [T]he Android TV platform seeks to provide users with access to media streaming services and apps. In the past, the typically Android-based offerings from low-priced competitors have lacked the refinement, functionality, ecosystem, and user experience to compete head to head with products from Roku or Apple. But the appearance on the scene of Android TV will potentially equip these lesser players and vendors with access to a complete, ready-made platform for streaming-media-player use that delivers a suite of benefits, noted [Paul Erickson,IHS]. – John Gaudiosi,GamerHub.TV via Chicago Tribune
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Android TV Could Roil Streaming Market – IHS

In the report released Monday, IHS Inc. predicts that the forthcoming Android TV software release could particularly hurt Roku Inc. , the early leader in the streaming media player market, and Amazon.com Inc., which entered the market earlier this year with its Fire TV player. However, IHS believes that Apple Inc. Apple TV, currently the number-two player in the media streaming market, will be relatively spared. […] IHS also believes that Google’s Android TV could roil the market by equipping smaller, lesser-known hardware vendors with a complete, ready-made platform for streaming media player use that delivers a range of benefits. – Alan Breznick,Light Reading
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