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The Pirate Bay Is an FBI Honeypot: a Disconcertingly Plausible Conspiracy Theory

The Pirate Bay truther movement doesn’t really have any hard facts or any suggestions as to who could actually be running the torrent site, but theorize that the FBI or other government agency (either in the US or Sweden) could have brought the site back online as a honeypot, or fake site meant to entrap criminals. In any case, something “feels off” to many Twitter users and some reddit users. […] It’s worth noting that The Anonymous Message is quite controversial and that its Twitter account often serves mainly to promote itself with hacking and raiding campaigns that have been underwhelming. – Jason Koebler, MOTHERBOARD
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1u4iGRh )

Netflix to Enable Secret Streaming Mode

Netflix catalogs and analyzes every movie and episode of TV you watch, but what if you want to keep some of your guilty pleasure viewing a secret? The company has a solution with its new “Privacy Mode,” which it’s currently testing with a small subset of customers. The company confirmed the news to Gigaom, promising that “Privacy Mode” won’t record your viewing history in any way. That means it won’t show up in your list of previously viewed videos, it won’t be shared to Facebook and it won’t have any effect on its own recommendation algorithms. – Jacob Kleinman,TechnoBuffalo http://ift.tt/1nb84dk