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HBO NOW Is 2015’s Top Video Streaming App By Revenue, Study Finds

photo: TechCrunch

The findings were based on studies of the streaming video market and related app store rankings for a 12-month period ending July 2015, [App Annie] said. […] In the U.S., revenue from the Top 10 video streaming apps more than tripled during the time period ending July 31, 2015, but the vast majority of this revenue growth was driven by HBO NOW and Hulu. […] Overall, App Annie found that the video streaming app space is has been experiencing high year-over-year revenue growth in the U.S. – up by 3.2x year-over-year stateside, but elsewhere, like China, it’s even higher (9.6x). – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Amazillions Are Streaming Music Via Amazon Prime | TechCrunch

Amazon Prime Music currently has over 1 million tracks and is heavy on playlists, and as we pointed out in our previous story, is still lacking in some regards: no content from Universal Music and a clunky user experience that requires tracks to be added to your library before you can play them.[…] App Annie puts the Amazon Prime Music app ranking on iOS at number 9 in music, and 68 overall; on Android it’s 6 in music and 50 overall; and 5 and 125 in the Amazon Appstore. Its reviews however are less than stellar, with less than three stars on Apple’s App Store, as pointed out by Appsfire. – Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/1ljEQst