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HBO NOW Is 2015’s Top Video Streaming App By Revenue, Study Finds

photo: TechCrunch

The findings were based on studies of the streaming video market and related app store rankings for a 12-month period ending July 2015, [App Annie] said. […] In the U.S., revenue from the Top 10 video streaming apps more than tripled during the time period ending July 31, 2015, but the vast majority of this revenue growth was driven by HBO NOW and Hulu. […] Overall, App Annie found that the video streaming app space is has been experiencing high year-over-year revenue growth in the U.S. – up by 3.2x year-over-year stateside, but elsewhere, like China, it’s even higher (9.6x). – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Plex Coming to TiVo (via Opera TV Store)?

Since launching about a year ago, the Opera TV Store apps on TiVo are mostly throwaways and rarely worth the time they require to open. But with PLEX on deck and the newer ability to pin favorite apps, the math could suddenly, and perhaps dramatically, change. Especially given TiVo’s apparent disinterest in bringing the sort of DLNA access that Xbox and PlayStation provide along with an abandonment of TiVo Desktop to pass music and photos to our DVRs. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny 
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Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Review

The box will feature a quad core processor, and ship with a customized XBMC skin running Gotham 13.2. While the quad core power is a major hit with this box the skin is what may set the product apart in the marketplace. […] The new Armada Mach 8 will feature simple over the air updates with the push of a button. […] One of XBMC’s most popular features is its ability to utilize numerous video and audio apps. The challenge of the platform has been how to find the ones you want. In the past this involved adding content sources, changing the entire structure of the skin and more. – Ryan Michael Downey,The Streaming Advisor  
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