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Cable companies are still trying to adapt to the streaming video trend

photo: CBS

Cablevision, which serves more than 3 million people around the New York City Metro area, has announced that it will offer Internet-only customers the opportunity to easily subscribe to streaming video options from CBS, including CBS All Access and Showtime. […] And while the Cablevision and CBS deal might not affect Apple directly, it does show that networks and the cable providers are finally beginning to see the light of day regarding a growing desire for streaming video options instead of expensive cable packages with channels no one watches. – Brent Dirks, AppAdvice

AT&T’s Plan To Purchase DirecTV Could Making Cutting The Cord Even Harder — AppAdvice

Unfortunately, “If anything, the major telecom and cable mergers under federal review highlight those industries’ long-term commitment to the very model of bundling that consumers say they want to leave. And if approved, those bundles will be harder for customers to abandon, analysts say.” – Bryan M. Wolfe, AppAdvice http://ift.tt/1qbNyf2