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A cord-cutter’s dream come true: Apple finally cracks networks in time for fall Apple TV refresh

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According to information obtained by The New York Post from various sources familiar with Apple’s negotiations with networks, Apple is set to launch the unnamed live streaming TV service this fall alongside a refreshed Apple TV box. The service has reportedly not yet been priced, and will cost anywhere from $10 to $40 per month. – Chris Smith, BGR

Industry insider says free music streaming from Spotify, YouTube and more may soon vanish

“Here’s the skinny… Jimmy Iovine and the major labels are conspiring to get rid of free,” music industry insider and critic Bob Lefsetz wrote in a newsletter late on Sunday. “Not only the free tier on Spotify, but YouTube too. Apple Inc. writes a check to the labels on 40 million subscribers for years, whether they reach that number or not, and everybody pays for music.” – Zach Epstein, BGR

Disney, Apple Arguing Over Channels to Be Included in New Streaming Television Service

Disney is pushing Apple Inc. to include most of its channel offerings, while Apple wants to offer fewer channels in an effort to keep prices lower. Disney’s channels include ESPN and Disney Channel, along with several spinoffs channels like Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, and more. Disney also owns ABC channels that Apple feels are essential, like ABC Family, so Apple may be forced to agree to offer more Disney channels to ensure negotiations go smoothly. – Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple Asks TV Programmers to Supply Their Own Streams for Apple’s TV Service

Apple’s proposal isn’t necessarily surprising, since video services that stream via Apple apps today — including some of the networks Apple wants to work with, like Fox, CBS and Disney — all “stand up” their own streams, by working with content delivery networks like EdgeCast.

Streaming video costs aren’t prohibitive: Delivery to your living room runs an average of around five cents per hour per stream, says Tom Morgan, a video industry veteran now running streaming service Net2TV. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

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The real reason HBO Now is coming to Apple TV first

Why is HBO’s new cable-free online streaming service coming to Apple TV and other Apple products before anyone else? MacRumors flags a comment made by HBO CEO Richard Plepler […] “They’re obviously an extraordinary company with a wide range of devices, and those devices are proliferating throughout the consumer base,” Plepler said in a recent interview. “But also, as we look at HBO GO, which is our streaming service tethered to distributors, we saw about 60% usage on Apple devices so it made perfect sense for us to work with Apple introducing HBO Now.” – Brad Reed, BGR

The real reason Apple’s TV streaming service might not include NBC

According to initial reports, the reason for NBCUniversal’s exclusion is that previous negotiations between Apple and NBCUniversal’s parent company, Comcast, left a bad taste in Apple Inc.’s mouth. Now comes word, via Comcast itself, that Apple hasn’t even approached the company about developing a TV partnership. […] Of course, this isn’t to say that Apple won’t be approaching Comcast in the near future. Indeed, if Apple is, in fact, planning to roll out a TV service designed to get consumers to do away with their cable packages, having NBC content in the mix is arguably a must. – Yoni Heisler, BGR

Trent Reznor “Playing A Major Role” In Developing Apple’s Streaming Music Service

Trent Reznor will play a “major role” in the redesign, as will Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. The new service, which as of yet does not have a name, will not offer a free tier like Spotify. Apple also apparently tried to get their per month price lowered to $8 from the $10 that has become the norm across the board, but they failed to work that out. Iovine is said to be “leading aggressive talks to secure prominent album releases that will be exclusive to Apple,” the growing pains of which we’ve presumably seen with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Earl Sweatshirt’s latest releases. – James Rettig, Stereogum

Apple will launch its attack against pay TV companies this fall

Late on Monday, The Wall Street Journal published a report relaying that Apple Inc. has plans to launch a subscription-based streaming TV service this fall. According to the report, Apple’s TV offering will cost users approximately $30 to $40 a month and will offer a somewhat lightweight selection of 25 channels. Some of the cable channels reportedly on-board already include big names such as ESPN and FX. Naturally, the service will reportedly include content from major networks like ABC, CBS and FOX. But notably absent from the mix is NBCUniversal. This is supposedly the result of negotiation difficulties Apple previously experienced with Comcast, NBCUniversal’s parent company. – Yoni Heisler, BGR
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Apple will share viewer data to programmers on its TV service, claims report

According to the New York Post, Apple plans to share viewer data, such as demographics, what’s being watched and when to broadcast networks and other programmers. This level of data would help programmers target advertising to Apple TV customers, and isn’t something usually provided by cable companies, Amazon.com, or Netflix. The Post cites sources saying Apple plans to launch its service in the fall, and it has been in talks with Disney, CBS, FOX, and Discovery Communications for content partnerships. – Dan Seifert, The Verge
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Report: Apple planning streaming TV service

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks with broadcasters to offer a TV bundle this fall with 25 channels, including ABC, CBS and Fox. The service would be available through Apple TV. The small bundle would include channels like FX, ESPN and other bigger channels. The report also says media executives believe the service would cost between $30 and $40 a month. – Brett Molina, USA TODAY
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