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Kodi No More!

Starting today, we would like to announce that we are exclusively supporting only the Xbox One. We will be disabling support for all other platforms in the forum starting immediately and will begin shifting our website to reflect this change in the very near future. The work to make Kodi for Xbox a premier platform has finally paid off! – Nathan Betzen, Kodi https://ift.tt/2pUaip4

You can safely visit Cornhub, PornHub’s April Fools’ Day rebrand, but don’t click anything

For its April Fools’ Day prank, Pornhub has cooked itself into Cornhub, your go-to place for nasty corn videos. With titles like “Hot young corn gets plowed” and “Huge group of kernels takes buttery load,” your nether regions will be greasing up in no time. – Gabe Bergado, The Daily Dot

Pornhub offers up North Korea’s masturbation data—just in time for April Fools’

The site paints a picture of the country’s citizens as being a highly patriotic bunch who enjoy saluting their leader in the bedroom as well. “Kim Jong-Un” and “Korean” were said to be the two most popular search terms when it came time finding smut. Pornhub decided to throw in a few tips to its charade by including terms like “Dennis Rodman,” “gangnam style,” and “christian mingle” in the mix. – Greg Seals, The Daily Dot