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What’s in a name: The battle for the soul of Arduino

[T]he matter nonetheless cast a cloud over the initiative, appearing to reveal a rift between the co-founders over conflicting views on business strategies and legal battles over the project’s trademark. The fact that there are now two different companies with the same name operating two websites with the same logos doesn’t help to clarify the situation either. – Raffaele Mastrolonardo, ZDNet

3D Printed Quadcopter with Arduino

Beginning in December 2013, I began working on a drone with several of my friends. We have created a drone that is 100% our own design. Using Autodesk Inventor we designed, drafted, and printed each part of our copter’s frame. We converted our files from .DWG to .X3G file, allowing us to print our frame on a MakerBot Industries 2x Replicator. All of the external wiring was done and reviewed by each person working on the copter. This was made three others. Their instructable accounts are BobBurghart, CoreyOrlovsky and Rnpauls. […] Our machine is flyable by either GPS or FM transmitter. – Nolan5454,Instructables
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