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Arrested Development Season 5 coming to Netflix in mid-2016

While speaking on Adam Carolla’s podcast this week, Arrested Development Executive Producer Brian Grazer relayed that filming on the show’s fifth season is slated to begin sometime around January or February of next year, with a release date likely coming about four months later. As a result, it stands to reason that the next season of AD will premiere on Netflix sometime in mid-2016, likely in or around June. Previously, Grazer said that the fifth season will include 17 brand new episodes. – Yoni Heisler, BGR

Five Cancelled TV Shows The Internet Would Have Saved Today

The TV landscape has changed dramatically the last few years. Shows with ratings that would have seen them cancelled without question are now carrying on for years. Others that are so low rated their cancellation can’t be helped are being saved by internet campaigns and streaming services. It got me thinking about how TV would be different if this was the way things were even just a few years ago. What cancelled TV shows might still be on the air today if networks actually took things like devoted fanbases and critical praise seriously. We might still have… – Paul,TVOvermind  

Netflix content boss is “positive” that Arrested Development will return for fifth season

Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos is “positive” that a fifth season of Arrested Development is on the way. “It’s just a matter of when,” he recently told USA Today. Sarandos also admitted that getting the show’s cast together to make season four proved to be a challenge; fans disappointed about a lack of scenes involving the whole ensemble have “a valid criticism,” he said. For the fourth season, each episode revolved around a single Bluth, a creative decision that was clearly influenced by talent constraints. – Chris Welch,The Verge