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Record labels reap 45 percent of royalties from streaming services, study finds; artists lucky…

Music Business Worldwide posted figures from the study, a joint effort conducted by the French trade group SNEP and the public accounting firm Ernst & Young. The study looked at how royalties stemming from subscription fees are divided. If the numbers are accurate, the major labels make off with 45.5 percent of the loot, while artists pocket just 6.8 percent. Songwriters and publishers split 10 percent, and the rest goes to platform costs and taxes. – Paul Lilly, TechHive
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Top Grammy contenders show online streaming is fast track to recognition

With the likes of record-of-the-year nominees Iggy Azalea and Meghan Trainor breaking out on YouTube and streaming services such as Spotify, this year’s Grammys could be a celebration for one of music’s few growing segments. […] The online success of Azalea’s rap hit Fancy with singer Charli XCX and Trainor’s ode to full-figured women All About that Bass underscore the power that streaming – and its young-skewing consumers – have in elevating a song’s profile at the grassroots. – Reuters via DNA India
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Dear Musicians: Most Fans Don’t Really Care About You, says MIDiA Study

Just 15% of respondents said they agreed and only four per cent strongly agree. And this is against a backdrop of 60% of consumers stating that they consider music to be worth paying for. So willingness to pay is not the overriding issue here. […] Streaming is ramping up fast, that much is clear, but even among those consumers just 24% care enough about the plight of artists to consider changing their behavior. As bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, artists have to accept the fact that beyond their super fans, most consumers (and three quarters of streamers) simply don’t care whether streaming is making it harder for them to build and maintain a career. – Mark Mulligan,Music Industry Blog via Hypebot 
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An epic battle in streaming music is about to begin, and only a few will survive

“Streaming music, it’s kind of like the moon race, everybody wants to get there first,” says Casey Rae, an adjunct professor at the University of Georgetown and a vice-president of the Future of Music Coalition, an advocacy group for musicians. “It seems like an open contest, but it’s really not.” The winner, Rae told Quartz, “is probably going to be a company that has other properties, that doesn’t need to depend on the streaming platform itself.” – John McDuling,Quartz  http://qz.com/232834

Indie labels sign fair deal pact

Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that YouTube had softened its stance against independent music labels and had postponed an immediate move to block content from labels that had refused to sign up. The WIN declaration states that the coalition of music labels will secure for artists a “good-faith pro-rata share” of revenue from music streaming services. It adds that agreements with streaming providers will be “clearly explained”, while there will be better information about contracts and other agreements concerning the use of their work. – BBC News   http://ift.tt/1wBbg3g

YouTube Is About to Do to Record Labels What Amazon Does to Publishers

While 90 percent of the music industry got on board with the service, videos from that pesky last 10 percent—which includes heavyweight indies like [Domino Recording Company] and XL Recordings—will start being blocked in “a matter of days,” YouTube’s head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl, told the Financial Times. – Ben Richmond, MOTHERBOARD http://bit.ly/1vH3eHu