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ABC TV now live-streaming through the iView catch-up service

ABC’s iView was the first of the Australian catch-up services, kicking off back in 2008. Previously it had offered the ABC News 24 channel as a live-stream, but the changes announced today make the main ABC programming available to watch live via the either the iView web site or the iOS and Android apps. At the moment native apps for smart TV and other devices won’t feature the live-streaming option with the broadcaster electing to roll out the feature to “devices without easy access to broadcast TV.” – Nic Healey, CNET

Piracy Fight Needs Content Available at a Fair Price, Minister Says

In an interview with ABC’s Chris Uhlmann, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnball was put on the spot over what some view as the exploitation of Australian consumers by international entertainment companies. So why do Aussies pay 40% more than those in the US to download movies from iTunes? “That is, that is a very powerful argument,” Turnball conceded. “If I can just say so, there is an obligation on the content owners, if their concerns are to be taken seriously and they are by government, and if governments are to take action to help them prevent piracy, then they’ve got to play their part which is to make their content available universally and affordably.” – Andy,TorrentFreak