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FitzyTV Uses Your TV Everywhere Credentials to Stream 75+ Live Channels From a Single App

[FitzyTV] currently supports 77 channels, which appear on a standard grid guide. Some of those channels include locals like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and cable channels like CNN, Discovery, USA, TBS, and TNT. It even works with sports networks like ESPN, FS1, NBCSN, as well as Regional Sports Networks like NBC Sports Chicago, MSG, and NESN[.] – Jason Gurwin, The Streamable » http://bit.ly/2R9jaSC

Big Media’s ‘TV Everywhere’ Streaming Plan Moving Slowly

A report out Friday from Adobe Digital shows that just 13.6% of households that subscribed to pay-TV in the third quarter used TV Everywhere sites or apps, which let users view television channels on mobile and set-top streaming devices so long as they can enter login information that proves they are pay-TV subscribers. That represents growth of merely 8% over the same quarter last year. […] The main reason for the slow growth, Mr. Helfand said, is the lack of awareness of TV Everywhere in the marketplace, as well as technical limitations like the lack of a good television guide for digital content that make the interface hard to use. Limitations on digital content rights in the carriage agreements between television channels and pay-TV distributors also played a role, he said. – Keach Hagey, The Wall Street Journal

The ESPN app now streams live sports from WatchESPN

The network has announced that users can now enjoy WatchESPN‘s streams without having to leave its main ESPN app, with the update rolling out for iOS and Android. “This is just the first step in marrying our two largest apps and two largest mobile audiences,” an ESPN spokesperson tells Engadget. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

ABC Lines Up Original Series for New Streaming Effort (EXCLUSIVE)

photo: Netflix/Lisa Higginbotham, Variety

WatchABC allows users to access new and previous episodes of current ABC series, in addition to a live stream of the networks’ linear feed in some markets, on mobile devices and PCs. Some of the content is only available to pay-TV subscribers. How exactly Disney-ABC Television Group will utilize the originals on WatchABC is still being debated, say insiders. [The] series could be reserved just for pay-TV subs or made freely available; it’s also possible to see a blended strategy in which new episodes are free but previous ones require authentication. – Andrew Wallenstein, Variety

How To Stream College Football

photo: The Streaming Advisor

Well fall is on its way and so is College Football. There are more ways than ever to access one of the most popular sports in America these days. While football is always on TV both via cable and via over the air antennas the amount of streaming options has exploded in the past few years. We have put together a comprehensive guide for watching college football through streaming on a variety of services from free apps, conference digital networks and the big networks. Stream On! – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor

Cable-Only Presidential Debates are the New Poll Tax

photo: Darko Pevec, Flickr

Here’s the big story behind this. The linear — traditional — model of TV is crumbling, slowly, as more people find programming they’re happy with online. But sports programming remains the Gibraltar of the pay TV bundle: the bedrock, the real-time, must-have stuff that Americans will still pay for. And so pay TV executives, looking to smooth the obvious glide path sloping towards the irrelevance of thick bundles of TV-plus-data just long enough so their retirements will be secure and well-funded, want to turn new categories of programming into sports. Presto: debates become sports, unavailable in livestream form to anyone who doesn’t have a cable or satellite subscription. – Susan Crawford, BackChannel via Medium

Comedy Central lands on Roku with select free content for cord cutters

photo: Comedy Central, The Daily Show

Roku users have a new reason to smile — and to laugh. Comedy Central has been added to the channel store, making it now possible for the Roku faithful to stream the network’s shows. According to Variety, some content will require users to have a TV subscription, but other content will be available for free. – Stephanie Topacio Long, Digital Trends
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