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New York, Delaware, New Jersey have the fastest broadband download speeds in the US

According to data from Ookla’s Net Index, which aggregates broadband and mobile data speeds from tests conducted around the world, the U.S. can finally say that it has an average broadband download speed above 30Mbps (megabits per second), with New York, Delaware and New Jersey boasting the fastest speeds in the nation. […] This places the U.S. in 27th place globally. In October 2013, the U.S. had an average broadband download speed of about 20Mbps and ranked 32nd in the world. – Jason Hahn,Digital Trends
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U.S. Netflix streaming improves with Bright House deal, still lags Canada, Europe

Due largely to a flurry of interconnection deals, streaming performance of the top SVOD service has improved across most major Internet service providers in the United States. […] Buoyed by significant speed increases for most major ISPs, the overall U.S. Netflix streaming average for all ISPs reached 2.72 Mbps in September. But as Gigaom points out, ranking every country Netflix is deployed in, the U.S. comes in 14th in streaming performance, trailing Canada and every country in Europe. – FierceCable