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YouTube will now allow creators to monetize videos about coronavirus and COVID-19

Instead, YouTube says ads will be enabled on “a limited number of channels” including those belonging to news partners and creators “who accurately self-certify.” The latter is a more questionable choice, as it opens up monetization to any creator using YouTube’s self-labeling system, not just news organizations or trusted health authorities. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch » https://ift.tt/38GYQAV

Studio Profit Report 2019: Disney Reigns, Netflix Gains

Netflix: The streaming giant gained 27.8 million subscribers in 2019, down from its peak addition of 28.6 million in 2018, amid new competition. Netflix ended the year with 167 million global members, including 61 million in the U.S., and has predicted it will tally 7 million more in the first quarter of 2020. – George Szalai, The Hollywood Reporter » https://ift.tt/38hudl6

Why Comcast agreed to buy Xumo, an ad-supported free streaming service

Financial terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed, though people familiar with the matter said Comcast paid more than $100 million for the company, which has 55 employees and about 10 million monthly active users through the company’s preferred placement on smart TVs. Xumo will operate as an independent business inside of Comcast. The deal will be immaterial for Comcast, the people said. – Alex Sherman, CNBC » https://ift.tt/2TdtsUN

Trump Buys YouTube’s Homepage For Election Day Ad Blitz

The ads will not target specific demographics, however. YouTube’s homepage displays the same ad for all users, at least in the U.S., and typically for an entire day. As the Trump campaign purchased multiple windows, it’s likely that different messages will appear on different days. So the ads will earn significant impressions on a continued basis leading up to Election Day. Now, the Trump campaign can consider other platforms as it fills out its digital strategy. – Justin Herrick, PCMag » https://ift.tt/37N5qW0

Buy the Dip on Roku Stock

Specifically, ROKU has come within one standard deviation of its 200-day moving average following an extended period above the trendline, defined for this study as having traded north of the moving average 60% of the time in the past two months and in eight of the last 10 trading days. The equity has seen three similar pullbacks within the past three years, which has resulted in an average 21-day gain of 12.1%. – Patrick Martin, Yahoo Finance » https://ift.tt/2V6Ltqo

Why New ViacomCBS Streaming Service Could Be Pluto TV 2.0

Pluto TV recently began airing episodes of CBS All Access tent pole Picard. This would have been unthinkable when the service was essentially a curated group of YouTube feeds yet it happened just last week. What’s to say that CBS might not want to package up other properties, especially older ones that have not been used effectively over the past 20 years. why not a Brady Bunch channel? It can not be ignored that CNBC reported that Pluto TV CEO Tom Ryan is one of the executives who have spearheaded the effort to put together the service. – Ryan Downey, Streaming-TV » https://ift.tt/2S7yDX1

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