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T-Mobile Subscribers will Get MLB.TV for FREE Again in 2020

T-Mobile announced that from March 26 – March 30th, subscribers will be eligible to receive a free annual subscription to MLB.TV ($122 value). This is the fifth straight year that T-Mobile has offered this deal and it looks like it will continue into the foreseeable future. Last year, the company extended their deal with MLB to be the “Official Wireless Sponsor of MLB” for four more years. – Jason Gurwin, The Streamable » https://ift.tt/2vaK7R8

Amazon grabs a piece of the Yankees network in a $3.47 billion deal

Disney sold its stake in the YES Network to an investor group that includes the Yankees, Amazon and Sinclair Broadcasting. The group announced today that it was acquiring the 80 percent stake in the YES Network previously held by Disney in a $3.47 billion deal. In the press release, the group said the sale would mark the beginning of a new “strategic partnership” between the three companies.Amrita Khalid, Engadget » https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/29/amazon-grabs-a-piece-of-the-yankees-network-in-a-3-47-billion-d/ [photo:YES Network/Facebook]

YouTube And Major League Baseball Set Free Streaming Pact For 13 Games

Dates and matchups for the games will be announced in the coming weeks, MLB and YouTube said. Each game will be produced and enhanced exclusively for the YouTube platform by MLB Network’s production team. In order to see games for free, viewers will need only to subscribe to MLB’s official YouTube channel. – Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood » http://bit.ly/2ZKGPOR

Facebook Watch will stream six live MLB games in 2019 season

The social network will offer one live MLB game per month on Facebook Watch, the company’s video platform. The games will be available to watch in many markets around the world, the primary exception being local markets subject to blackout. Unlike last year, the 2019 deal isn’t exclusive, meaning these games will also potentially be available to stream elsewhere. – Brittany A. Roston, SlashGear » https://ift.tt/2FNgRCx

MLB to Launch VR-Enhanced Broadcasts, but Live Games Won’t Be in 360 Video

The VR features in the At Bat app, such as they are, will be available to subscribers at no additional cost. At Bat is available for $2.99 per month (or $19.99 annually). To watch live games in the app, users must subscribe to MLB.TV Premium, which costs $24.99 monthly (or $112.99 for the whole season) and includes access to At Bat. – Todd Spangler, Variety http://ift.tt/2rzVNGl

Streaming sports not expected to replace TV soon

photo: Asa Mathat/Vox, USA Today

“Eventually the hardware can distribute 10 million streams,” he said. But for now, “It would be really hard to do it. You could do it once a week, but the cost to do it would be so expensive.” To make it work now, [Pres. Bob Bowman,MLB] said, Netflix would have to take the night off, and other high-traffic streaming would also have to take a siesta. – Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

MLB.TV to offer single-team streaming for 2016

MLB.TV will offer a single-team streaming option in 2016, according to FanGraphs.com. A court filing in the Garber v. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball lawsuit, which contests some of Major League Baseball’s broadcasting practices under antitrust law, indicates that changes are in the works. – Sports Illustrated
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