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Almost All MLB Games are Free Online This Weekend

photo: MLB, The Exstreamist

Want to watch baseball games online? Want to do this all for free? Then you’re in luck this weekend, as MLB.com is letting anyone with an internet connection stream baseball online for free. […] This deal to stream these games will only be available this weekend, October 2nd-October 4th, so if you’re hoping to watch a few games as the season winds down, this is a great way to sneak a few in before the playoffs start. – Rob Toledo, Exstreamist

There will probably be local streaming in 15 markets next year

photo: NBC Sports

Part of the reason the haggling has taken so long is that both MLB and the affiliate networks want the ability to be the platform on which you watch locally streamed games. MLB says it wants to ensure the quality of the stream and MLB video quality is very good. Local affiliates say they don’t want to give up customer information to MLB to allow the authentication process to be completed (this isn’t an anyone-can stream situation; you have to prove that you actually have cable first). It’s been a standoff for some time. – Craig Calcaterra, Hardball Talk

MLB Will Bench Baseball Fans Caught Streaming Games

Baseball fans hoping to use Meerkat app or Periscope App to stream live video from Opening Day games today might strike out. Major League Baseball will watch for egregious self-streaming activity, said Bob Bowman, president of business and media for the league. […] MLB has talked with the league’s 30 teams to remind them of the policy for fans and credentialed media, he said. Teams are on alert. In Los Angeles, Ralph Esquibel, vice president of IT for the Los Angeles Dodgers, said he expects increased adoption of streaming apps and a consequent increase in bandwidth consumption. – Kim S. Nash, The Wall Street Journal  

Opening Day streaming is ‘out’ of the question for baseball fans

MLB announced a deal this week with Dish Network that could lead to in-market streaming — but the satellite pay-TV provider needs to reach separate deals with Fox-owned YES Network and SportsNet New York (SNY). […] or any other regional sports networks, known as RSNs — is not likely as RSNs are trying to win those rights from MLB, a source close to the situation said. […] Fox Sports, which owns 15 of the 30 RSNs that carry MLB games, and Comcast, which owns stakes in six, including SNY, are locked in tense negotiations with baseball over in-market streaming. – Josh Kosman, New York Post

MLB needs to expand its streaming options

Under the current system, the only way to stream MLB games is through the MLB.TV package. The pricing on that is $110 a season for the standard package or $130 a season for the premium package. […] However, all of that is subject to blackouts. What that means is if you are in Wisconsin, you can’t watch any game through the package. This also applies to all of Iowa and parts of Illinois and Minnesota. For most of us as Brewers fans, that’s a dealbreaker. The only ways to get around this are through programs with questionable legality at best[.] – JP, SB Nation: BrewCrewBall

MLB hopes to ease blackouts on streaming local games

With MLB.TV, Major League Baseball’s subscription-based streaming option, your local team’s home games are blacked out due to TV and/or cable deals. That could change as early as next season though, as Bob Bowman, the league’s head of Advanced Media, expects a revised online viewing agreement soon with broadcasters and teams. Networks pay millions for the rights to beam the action into living rooms, so we’d surmise there’s quite a sum of money to discuss. – Billy Steele,Engadget

Comcast Business Scores Sports Streaming Deal

Comcast Business and World Series Tournaments have inked a deal to support live streaming of the upcoming PONY World Series at http://ponyworldseries.org , marking the first the event will be delivered via the Internet in the event’s 62-year history. World Series Tournaments will tap the Comcast unit to stream all games of the ten-team tournament free of charge, starting with the opening game on August 8 at Lew Hays PONY Field in Washington, Pa.
– Jeff Baumgartner,Multichannel News
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