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Amazon launches music streaming service in the UK

photo: Reuters/ AP

Amazon has entered the UK streaming market with the launch of Prime Music, a new service available to Amazon Prime customers as part of their annual £79 subscription. […] Amazon’s library of one million songs is not on par with Apple or Spotify, which each boast more than 30 million tracks. However, Prime Music customers will also have access to the CDs or MP3s they have bought at Amazon’s store – including those on the Universal label. – BBC News

Indie labels sign fair deal pact

Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that YouTube had softened its stance against independent music labels and had postponed an immediate move to block content from labels that had refused to sign up. The WIN declaration states that the coalition of music labels will secure for artists a “good-faith pro-rata share” of revenue from music streaming services. It adds that agreements with streaming providers will be “clearly explained”, while there will be better information about contracts and other agreements concerning the use of their work. – BBC News   http://ift.tt/1wBbg3g

Is tech saving the music industry?

Complex machine learning algorithms and big data analytics can guess and learn users’ musical tastes – based on their previous listening preferences; age, gender and location; the playlists they create; even what time of day it is. This kind of personalisation is key to streaming services, argues Andy Gaitskell-Kendrick, head of global product marketing for entertainment at Microsoft, which owns streaming service Nokia Mix Radio. – Matthew Wall, BBC News http://ift.tt/1o8djdw