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Steam Link now lets you beam Steam games to your iOS devices

Because there’s no way most PC games would be fun on a touchscreen, you’ll probably want a controller — Valve says that Made for iPhone-certified controllers should work, as will its own Steam-branded controller. The company also notes that for best performance, the computer doing the streaming should be hardwired to your router, and your iOS device should be running on your Wi-Fi network’s 5Ghz band. – Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/2WNcuNM

Microsoft’s Mixer introduces mobile game streaming apps for iOS and Android

The Mixer Create app, released this morning on the eve of the annual PAX West gaming convention in Seattle, lets people broadcast games, join streams with friends, pair with other devices like a PC or Xbox, engage in text chats and manage profiles. The app was previously in beta testing, but now it is widely available and works with all Android games and iOS games with the “ReplayKit” function enabled. – Nat Levy, GeekWire http://ift.tt/2iJHfDD

Google is building Chromecast streaming right into Chrome

A Google+ post from François Beaufort indicates the company is working on a way to build the feature into the browser itself. The change means you may soon be able to right click a page in Chrome and see the “Cast” option show up to send whatever’s in your browser window to a nearby Chromecast-equipped TV. – Nick Statt, The Verge

Add Google Cast to your Fire TV with an $8 app

photo: Youmap, VMLite Corporation

[YouMap] enables you to trick the hardware into thinking that it’s a Chromecast, letting you mirror your Chrome browsing or push YouTube clips straight from your smartphone. The app works for both the Fire TV and the stick, and while it won’t give you all the functionality of Google’s video dongle, you’ll at least be able to see how the other half live. – Daniel Cooper, Engadget

Amazon’s Fling is its version of AirPlay and Google Cast

photo: Amazon

[Amazon] revealed its Fling feature this week, a tool that will allow developers to include a way to control media from a mobile device on your Fire TV. Right now, the software will let you send video, audio and still images from an Android or iOS device to the set-top box (or dongle, we’d surmise) for viewing. – Billy Steele, Engadget

Streaming Unicorns lets you live-stream your phone’s home screen

[T]he project started off as an internal hack for the folks at Swedish startup Lookback

Unicorns, as it is affectionately known, is a Mac app that connects to your iPhone or iPad to let you stream your homescreen as you use it, or anything you want really. […] Similar to other streaming apps, you can share a link to your stream on Twitter or Facebook, but you are also given the URL to share privately if you prefer. Anyone watching your stream can communicate with you using text and emojis. – Amanda Connolly, The Next Web

Mozilla Fans Are Getting a Firefox OS Streaming Media Stick

After cheaper smartphones, it now appears that the next frontier for the Mozilla community is the television, thanks to an open source device called Matchstick. […] Inside the device is a dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor, 4GB of onboard storage and 1GB of DDR3 memory. […] According to the project’s Kickstarter page, the device was created, in part, as a way to offer streaming media device “without the walled garden for app developers.” If that sounds like a shot at Google’s Chromecast, you’re right. […] Another area the Matchstick plans to best Chromecast in is price. Matchstick will be offered at retail for just $25, a full $10 less than Chromecast’s $35 price tag. Currently, the date for getting the device to the public is sometime between now and early 2015, but early adopters can expect to have the devices delivered in November. – Adario Strange,Mashable
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Slingplayer apps updated with Chromecast streaming support

Sling announced today that it’s updating its SlingPlayer apps with the ability to stream content to a Chromecast connected TV. The service, which allows users to watch live and recorded TV shows from their TV at home using dedicated hardware, also allows streaming to mobile devices through the SlingPlayer iOS and Android apps. – Jordan Kahn,9to5Google
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