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Apple’s Streaming Service: Everything We Know So Far

All signs now indicate that Apple will debut the service at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled for June 8-12 in San Francisco, to coincide with the launch of its iOS 8.4 upgrade. According to reports, the streaming service will be baked into 8.4’s Music app, meaning users who update their phones will automatically have access to it should they choose to join. As Apple’s developer release notes reveal, the new version of the Music app includes an all-new design that encourages more personalization of playlists, a revamped “global” search and a streamlined iTunes Radio. – Marc Schneider & Andrew Flanagan, Billboard

Trent Reznor “Playing A Major Role” In Developing Apple’s Streaming Music Service

Trent Reznor will play a “major role” in the redesign, as will Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. The new service, which as of yet does not have a name, will not offer a free tier like Spotify. Apple also apparently tried to get their per month price lowered to $8 from the $10 that has become the norm across the board, but they failed to work that out. Iovine is said to be “leading aggressive talks to secure prominent album releases that will be exclusive to Apple,” the growing pains of which we’ve presumably seen with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Earl Sweatshirt’s latest releases. – James Rettig, Stereogum

Apple and Beats Developing Streaming Music Service to Rival Spotify

As the biggest retailer of music, Apple remains a crucial marketing partner for the music industry. Yet its absence from streaming has let others get a head start. Spotify, which started in Sweden in 2008 and came to the United States in 2011, said in January that it has 15 million paying subscribers around the world, as well as 45 million more who listen free, with advertising. (Apple’s iTunes has more than 800 million customer accounts.) – Ben Sisaro & Brian X. Chen, The New York Times  
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Taylor Swift Albums Currently Streaming on Jay Z’s TIDAL

As of Tuesday morning (March 24), most of Taylor Swift’s albums (save 1989) are now streaming on TIDAL, the music streaming service Jay Z recently purchased via S. Carter Enterprises after putting in a $56.2 million bid. […] TIDAL is marketing itself as a higher-quality streaming service than the competitors, but the price tag is more substantial: After a seven-day free trial, TIDAL has a $19.99 per month subscription service. But hey, can you put a price on Swift gratification? Swift’s catalog is also available for streaming on several other non-Spotify (Rhapsody, Beats Music) services. – Joe Lynch, Billboard via The Hollywood Reporter
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Apple will reportedly debut its music streaming service at WWDC

[T]he audio subscription option will launch at WWDC in June as part of an iOS update that annually rolls out soon after. Reportedly priced around $8 per month, the music service is said include features like curated playlists and content tailored to users’ personal tastes — both of which are key pieces of Beats Music. As you might expect, an app for the new service will make its way to Apple TV, and the same report claims a redesigned (read: slimmer) case and more capable remote control are on the way for Cupertino’s set-top box. – Billy Steele, Engadget
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Apple Beats Music-like streaming service: Is it actually happening, and when?

Beats Music’s Playlists, Activities, and Mixes features are expected to be integrated into Apple’s new music service. Apple even wants to fully integrate Beats Music into iOS, iTunes, and Apple TV. It is developing a “Beats-infused” version of the Music app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, along with a new iTunes app for computers and a new Apple TV app. […] According to Billboard, Apple’s upcoming streaming service might launch in the spring, but it’ll definitely release by summertime. If it launches in the summer, you could expect a release date around WWDC 2015. – Elyse Betters, Pocket-lint  
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Warner Music Remains Optimistic on Streaming Music, as Long as It’s Paid

To offset the loss from downloads, Warner Music Group currently accepts the freemium model of ad-supported streaming music, but only as a means to convert users to paying subscribers. Paid subscriptions and not freemium plans are the future of the industry, states [CEO Stephen Cooper]. […] Warner’s emphasis on paying subscribers may not bode well for Apple’s reported plan of slashing monthly costs for its Beats Music service. The Cupertino company is rumored to be pushing music labels to cut current subscription prices in half to $5 per month as it negotiates the terms for its recently acquired Beats Music streaming service. Apple argues that lowering the monthly cost will encourage significantly more users to sign up for the paid service, but labels are obviously considering whether those gains will outweigh the lower per-user income that comes with the cheaper pricing. – Kelly Hodgkins,MacRumors
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Apple is about to change streaming music—and Spotify should be worried

If you’re an Apple user, be prepared to have Beats Music, the streaming-music service the company acquired for $3 billion earlier this year, forced down your throats. However you feel about that, the implications for the streaming-music landscape—and indeed the entire music industry—could be far-reaching. […] Apple will include Beats in the next update of its iOS mobile operating system next year, which could effectively give the product a permanent spot on the home screen of millions of Apple devices. […] In any case, Apple would only need to convert a fraction of device/iTunes users into Beats subscribers to seriously challenge Spotify (which now has 12.5 million paid-up subscribers) as the biggest streaming service out there. Credit Suisse earlier this year forecast that global streaming-music subscriptions would rise from less than 20 million currently to almost 150 million by 2025. – John McDuling,Quartz 
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Apple Partners With Southwest To Offer Free In-Flight Streaming Via Beats Music

Apple Inc. continues to roll out its Beats Music streaming service to new venues, despite the fact that there have been rumors of its imminent demise. Today, Beats Music announced a partnership with Southwest Airlines to deliver its streaming library to inflight entertainment onboard Southwest planes that offer Wi-Fi, with availability kicking off today, November 3. […] To use Beats Music free on aircraft, users will have to have a device compatible with the Beats app, which includes iOS and Android, and can also work with any web browser that works with the browser-based Beats streaming site. – Darrell Etherington,TechCrunch 
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