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Apple’s streaming music service said to cost $10 monthly, debut next week

Apple Inc. will indeed reveal a new streaming music service next week, according to The Wall Street Journal, and said service will cost $10 per month and provide unlimited listening. The service will be similar to Spotify in features and function, but won’t offer a free, ad-supported on-demand tier across the catalog, instead opting to leave that for iTunes Radio, which will gain human-hosted and programmed channels. – Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

Do exclusives matter for streaming music services? Apple is about to find out

You may not have caught it, but the semi-rehearsed back-and-forth between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Bono on stage at yesterday’s iPhone event revealed that Apple paid dearly to make U2’s new album free to iTunes customers. Exactly how much Apple spent to make the album free isn’t known, but it was likely a sizable amount. The deal included making U2’s Songs of Innocence available as a free digital download to all iTunes customers across 119 markets across the globe. Apple also gets exclusive rights to play the song on Beats Music and iTunes Radio through October. […] If Apple’s strategy works, we could start seeing exclusive album launches — and exclusive song library deals — more frequently among the top streaming services. In fact, earlier in the year Spotify signed a deal to make the entire library of Led Zeppelin music available exclusively on Spotify’s free ad-supported and premium subscription services. – Tom Cheredar,VentureBeat
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You can always get what you want… on the new streaming services – Telegraph

Recommendation and discovery of music is the next frontier. Some services, like Beats Music, have developed secret algorithms, using smart data from social networks to produce automatic playlists. Others use a mixture of hand-built categorisation and automation. Pandora is the American market leader in computer-generated playlists. Users plug in a song they really like and, via its “music genome” system, the service generates an endless stream of similar sounding recordings. – Jeremy Silver, The Telegraph http://ift.tt/1oi3FVD

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Streaming Music Service

[Minimize data damage] [W]hat happens when you’re in the car, or somewhere else where Wi-Fi isn’t available, and you just don’t want to suck up your data? In many music apps, you can adjust the streaming quality. Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music all have this option within their app settings. In Spotify, “Normal” streaming is equivalent to 96 kilobits per second, “High” is 160 Kbps, and “Extreme” is 320 Kbps. – Lauren Goode, Re/code http://ift.tt/1qvPaSa

Amazon streaming music tipped for this week ahead of press event

Amazon is said this week to be launching this streaming music service with far fewer songs than they’ve got in their total Amazon music catalog. This streaming service will need to have music labels sign completely separate contracts from their music store service, and some larger labels have not yet been signed as such. Universal is one of the largest labels to not have signed with Amazon yet, it’s said, while Sony and Warner Music are already onboard. – Chris Burns, SlashGear http://ift.tt/1pl1JP2

Patron Billionaire Takes Aim At Apple And Spotify With New Streaming Service ROK Mobile

ROK Mobile (cofounded with British entrepreneur Johnathan Kendrick) is offering unlimited talk, text and data with an added sweetener of free music streaming. ROK Mobile is contract free and will cost $49.99 a month. DeJoria has inked music deals with Warner Music, Sony and Universal, giving users more than 20 million songs. Says [John Paul DeJoria]: “Everything you can find on iTunes, we have.” – Steven Bertoni, Forbes http://ift.tt/1pfDEJr