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Billboard is changing its albums chart to count YouTube streams

Billboard has announced that YouTube streams will be factored into the Billboard 200 albums chart starting early next year. Video streams from other platforms will also count, including Apple, Spotify, Tidal, and Vevo, and Billboard says the change will also impact genre album consumption charts, like country, Latin, and others. – Dani Deahl, The Verge » https://trib.al/sIY0gLN

German Music Industry Points to Streaming for Recent Growth Spurt

photo: Billboard

The announcement was made by Frank Briegmann, Universal Music Group’s president of Central Europe and a board member of the German music industry association (Bundesverband Musikindustrie), at its annual sales convention in Berlin. […] Many consumers who are using streaming services are paying for music for the first time, Briegmann pointed out. Streaming saw an 87 percent increase in the first seven months and now accounts for 12.8 percent of German music sales. – Wolfgang Spahr, Billboard

Digital Song Sales Hit Seven-Year Low as Streaming Continues to Rise

photo: Westend61, Getty Images

Conversely — and unsurprisingly — as sales plummet, streaming continues its ascent, with the same frame marking the highest week of total U.S. on-demand audio and video streams: 6.6 billion. The streaming surge follows as consumers adapt to free and low-cost streaming services (like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music) and shift away from the pay-to-own model. – Keith Caulfield, Billboard

Zvooq, Russian Independent Streaming Service, Licenses Its Final Major

photo: Franck Camhi, Getty Images

Thanks to a recent contract with Sony Music Entertainment, Russia’s Zvooq has become the country’s only fully licensed and independent music service, while the company’s unique strategy makes it stand out in the digital music segment. […] Currently, Zvooq uses a freemium model — incorporating both ad-sponsored and subscription tiers — and is planning to introduce a new subscription model for the market, in which a specific advertising brand will pay for subscriptions of selected users. – Vladimir Kozlov, Billboard

Live Nation & Yahoo Renew Concert Streaming Partnership

According to Billboard, Yahoo and Live Nation online concerts logged 135 million live streams from 225 global markets, with an audience demographic that skewed heavily millennial, with each viewer spending an average of 24 minutes watching the stream. That works out to approximately 369,000 viewers per concert. –  Bruce Houghton, Hypebot

James Taylor Says He ‘Should Be Getting Half’ of Streaming Money, Talks Neil Young’s Pono

photo: Billboard, James Taylor

“If someone’s going to be making money off of my recorded music, I think that I should be getting half of that money that they’re making because I’m the one who generated the product,” James Taylor said in a recent interview. – Associated Press via Billboard

Apple’s Streaming Service: Everything We Know So Far

All signs now indicate that Apple will debut the service at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled for June 8-12 in San Francisco, to coincide with the launch of its iOS 8.4 upgrade. According to reports, the streaming service will be baked into 8.4’s Music app, meaning users who update their phones will automatically have access to it should they choose to join. As Apple’s developer release notes reveal, the new version of the Music app includes an all-new design that encourages more personalization of playlists, a revamped “global” search and a streamlined iTunes Radio. – Marc Schneider & Andrew Flanagan, Billboard

The Baffling (and Slightly Insane) World Of Streaming Payments, Explained

Generally speaking, radio simulcasts on the internet and services like Pandora and iTunes Radio pay lower rates than interactive services like YouTube and Spotify because those two services allow the listener to choose what they hear, while the former services are passive, and generally speaking, the listener has no control over what is played once they’ve made their initial choice on what kind of channel they want. In other words, the more functionality, the higher the per-stream payment; the less choice for the listener, the smaller per-stream payment. – Ed Christman, Billboard

Taylor Swift Albums Currently Streaming on Jay Z’s TIDAL

As of Tuesday morning (March 24), most of Taylor Swift’s albums (save 1989) are now streaming on TIDAL, the music streaming service Jay Z recently purchased via S. Carter Enterprises after putting in a $56.2 million bid. […] TIDAL is marketing itself as a higher-quality streaming service than the competitors, but the price tag is more substantial: After a seven-day free trial, TIDAL has a $19.99 per month subscription service. But hey, can you put a price on Swift gratification? Swift’s catalog is also available for streaming on several other non-Spotify (Rhapsody, Beats Music) services. – Joe Lynch, Billboard via The Hollywood Reporter
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New Report Looks at U.S. Streaming, Finds Pandora the Clear Leader

The U.S. music streaming market can be broken down into three segments: the leader, the followers and the laggards. (Neither Edison Research nor Triton Digital named those segments, by the way.) Pandora is the clear leader. It has the highest brand awareness (75 percent) and the highest monthly usage (45 percent). […] Three services qualify as followers: iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio and Spotify. iHeartRadio ranks third in brand awareness (59%) and second in usage (17%). iTunes Radio climbed to second in brand awareness (72%) in fewer than two years and ranks third in brand usage (16%). Spotify brand awareness ranks behind two laggards (41%) — one an e-commerce giant — but ranks fourth in brand usage (13%) and has by far the best numbers of an on-demand subscription service. – Glenn Peoples, Billboard
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