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TV Binge-Watching World Record Set by Brooklyn Man With 94-Hour Session

Over the course of five days, Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso watched back-to-back episodes of shows including “Game of Thrones”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Twilight Zone,” “ Bob’s Burgers” and “Adventure Time” in a stunt sponsored by multimedia software company CyberLink. The viewing event, held at a midtown Manhattan apartment, began Friday, April 8, and the 94-hour mark was passed Tuesday just after 5 a.m. Eastern. – Todd Spangler, Variety

This Amazing Map Shows What Each State Is Currently Binge Watching On Netflix

Many things stand out. For instance, programs like “Portlandia” are the most popular in Oregon (duh), and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is most popular in Pennsylvania. Bernie Mac’s black comedy is popular in the south, New York still thinks “Mad Men” is cool, and the weirdos in North Dakota are obsessing over “Making Of A Murderer.” – Nick Johnson, HomeSnacks

Netflix exec explains 2 reasons why the company won’t release shows on a weekly schedule

He explained that even in the case of traditional television, most viewers don’t watch shows on a weekly schedule anymore. Instead, they record shows on DVRs and watch them “in multiple episode stacks.” But that’s not all. [Ted Serandos] also said that people’s viewing habits have changed in another key way. Instead of juggling multiple shows at once and watching new episodes each week, people want to dive into one show at a time and binge-watch it until they’re done. – Zach Epstein, BGR

Cult Corner: How To Live Stream ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Turkey Day For Free!

“Turkey Day” was born in 1991. Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot wore silly costumes. The team created some interstitial sketches. Oh, and Mike Nelson parodied A&E’s Jack Perkins! The Thanksgiving marathon continued with a larger budget and more sprawling narrative. It soon became a cult favorite amongst comedy nerds and cinemaphiles trying their best not to watch football or engage with family members during the holiday. […] [Mystery Science Theater 3000] has been resuscitated with the help of Shout! Factory TV, RiffTrax, and a recent Kickstarter campaign to create brand new episodes. Staring at 12 pm EST tomorrow, November 26, 2015, Shout! Factory TV will offer a free Turkey Day live stream at www.BringBackMST3K.com. – Meghan O’Keefe, Decider

TV Still The King Of The Screens: comScore

The [comScore, Inc.] study […] found that Millennials spend about one-third of their original TV series consumption time watching on digital platforms. Boiled down by category, 66% of that time watching TV among Millennials was done on a traditional television, versus 19% of that time on desktops and laptops, 6% on smartphones, and 6% on tablets. […], about 84% for consumers in the 35-54 year-old age group spent their time watching scripted TV shows on the traditional television, rising to 90% among consumers who are 55 years or older. […] Among other findings, consumers who subscribe to paid digital video services are more likely to binge-view TV shows over a monthly period – 87% vs. 69%. TV via the DVR (43%) is the preferred binge-viewing platform, followed by the TV via VOD (19%); Internet connected TV devices (12%); live TV – a category that includes reruns or marathons from MVPDs – (11%); tablets (4%), desktops/laptops (3%); and smartphones (2%). 

Unsurprisingly, Millennials are also more likely to be cord-nevers or cord-cutters. – Jeff Baumgartner,Multichannel News
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‘Cray’ new words added to Oxford’s online dictionary

Britain’s Oxford University Press announced on Thursday that they will be adding new words to its online Oxford Dictionary to reflect new language trends.”binge-watch” : Watch multiple episodes of (a television program) in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming

( also included “Cord Cutter” ) – Brian Wiechert,WTVM