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Google Chromecast celebrates its second birthday with freebies

photo: Google

Today marks two years since Google debuted Chromecast, the small and affordable streaming device. To celebrate its second birthday, the company’s letting owners get in on a couple promotional offers: a free movie rental and access to 90 days of Play Music. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

10 Years Later, YouTube is Still Pure Internet


YouTube proved to be the answer to the emerging digital video conundrum. Phones and cheap point-and-shoot cameras were shooting lots of video, but what were you supposed to do with it? You could transfer it to DVD and send it to friends through the mail, but the Internet was supposed to make things like this easy. Until YouTube arrived, it was still all about embedding QuickTime and Flash videos into your personal Web site. – Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web 
(Full Story: http://tnw.to/j4t0x )