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Netflix Launching ‘Little Black Mirror’ Video Series Starring Maia Mitchell, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita and More

The trio of “Little Black Mirror” episodes will be released on YouTube on May 26, June 2 and June 6, on the Netflix América Latina channel. The episodes were directed and scored by musician-actor Rudy Mancuso, who is managed by Shots Studios (which also manages digital influencers Pons, Alesso, Stocking and Jibawi). – Todd Spangler, Variety » http://bit.ly/2EuYqkC

‘Orange Is The New Black’s Madeline Brewer Boards Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Opposite Malachi Kirby

Madeline Brewer, whose credits include Orange Is the New Black and Hemlock Grove, has boarded an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror as the female lead. She will star opposite Malachi Kirby, who plays Kunta Kinte in the upcoming new adaptation of Roots, with Jakob Verbruggen directing. – Ali Jaafar, Deadline Hollywood

BLACK MIRROR Definitely For Reals Making New Episodes for Netflix

photo: Channel 4

The UK’s Radio Times is reporting that Netflix and Brooker’s production company House of Tomorrow have agreed to terms concerning the internet service producing “multiple episodes” of Black Mirror. The first two series of the program, consisting of three episodes each, debuted on Netflix in the U.S. back in December and became a huge hit almost entirely through word of mouth. The 2014, feature-length Christmas special starring Jon Hamm has yet to make it to Netflix, but a lot of people (like me) have seen it and it’s really good. – Kyle Anderson, The Nerdist

Netflix Is Now Streaming Black Mirror, the Best Show About Technology

British techno-satire Black Mirror is now streaming on US Netflix, […] Black Mirror a smart update on The Twilight Zone’s paranoid anxiety-dissection hour. What comes across as overly broad on paper (politician/pig sex, Rupert Everett, a plot that can more or less accurately be described as “What if our eyeballs had instant memory replay?”) is sharp onscreen. Each of the six standalone episodes is executed as a relentlessly intelligent meditation on the myopia technology can induce. – Kate Knibbs,Gizmodo
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