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The Streaming Throne: Can HBO Win at Netflix’s Game?

[HBO]’s online-viewing operation has periodically crashed during heavily watched shows—disruptions marred episodes of Thrones and True Detective last year—but those problems affected HBO Go, a freebie service available only to cable-TV subscribers and their freeloading friends. HBO Now has opened the premium-cable door to a new demographic of digital customers who are paying handsomely to access its hottest shows. With a monthly rate of $14.99, significantly more than Netflix’s typical $8.99 price, HBO has a lot riding on this test of its ability to handle a streaming surge. – Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Business  

DirecTV’s Spanish Streaming Service Is About More Than Telenovelas

DIRECTV is launching a Spanish-language streaming service in the U.S., allowing people to pay $7.99 a month for online access to movies, television shows, and sports in Spanish, even if they don’t pay for the company’s satellite-TV service. DirecTV isn’t a complete stranger to online video—its DirecTV Everywhere platform lets subscribers watch some content on mobile devices and PCs—but the streaming service hints at the potential for online television products to come. For DirecTV, a major attraction of developing the Spanish-language service, which it calls Yaveo, is to begin building the skills the company will need to get into the broader Internet television business. – Joshua Brustein,Bloomberg Businessweek
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Net neutrality has some unlikely new champions, including Ford, UPS and Visa

So why were these huge companies, which typically aren’t the biggest fans of government regulation, pushing the FCC to reclassify ISPs under Title II? According to documents filed with the commission, all these companies are concerned that American ISPs have “terminating access monopolies,” which the companies were all concerned would be exploited to the detriment of online commerce as a whole. These revelations are all very interesting even though the companies involved don’t want anyone to know about their lobbying and they’re all denying that they specifically lobbied the FCC to enact Title II even though the newly unearthed documents show otherwise. – Bloomberg Businessweek via Brad Reed,BGR
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Netflix Looks to the Old World for New Growth

France, meet “Yeux Fous.” This month, Netflix, the world’s largest subscription streaming video service, will offer the original series Orange Is the New Black and other programming to six European nations, including Germany and France. It aims to reduce its reliance on the U.S. market and establish global dominance before Time Warner’s HBO GO and Amazon.com’s Prime Instant Video do. […] HBO and sister channel Cinemax have 127 million worldwide customers. The cable channel is expanding internationally with HBO Go, the mobile and streaming product that already competes with Netflix in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, Amazon operates in the U.K. and Germany, where it offers Instant Video to subscribers of its Prime delivery service. – Lucas Shaw,Bloomberg Businessweek
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Verizon Working With Netflix to Improve Streaming Quality

Verizon has reviewed its data traffic and confirmed that it’s not experiencing network congestion that would slow Netflix’s video streams, the phone carrier said today in a blog post. There are traffic jams in the interconnection points between Verizon’s network and the providers Netflix uses to deliver video, Verizon said. – Crayton Harrison, Bloomberg Businessweek  http://buswk.co/1mOVYbk