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Twitter is partnering with Bloomberg for a streaming TV news service

Twitter is partnering with Bloomberg Media for a round-the-clock streaming television news service on the social networking platform, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. – Reuters via CNBC http://ift.tt/2oOOnRT

Why HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Want Your Kids

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The battle for kids, at bottom, is about keeping their parents around even when a favorite show about a murderous politician is on hiatus. Streaming services are far easier to cancel and resubscribe than cable-TV, notes Rich Greenfield of BTIG, so the goal is to make that decision harder. “Remember when Netflix launched House of Cards, dropping all episodes at once, and investors feared consumers would sign up for three days, binge the entire series, and then disconnect?” he observed recently. “Netflix combated this risk by adding a significant amount of content that targeted all members of the family, with children’s content a critical ‘glue’ to its offering.” – Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Business

Yet another reason to love Netflix: It’s helping to kill reality TV

And the good news is that high-caliber scripted shows such as Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black look to be a huge part of TV’s future. Why? Because they look like the kinds of shows that cord cutters love to watch more than anything. Bloomberg Business reports that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant are cool to the idea of producing their own reality TV shows because they just don’t think interest in such content holds up over long periods and thus isn’t useful for building audience loyalty. – Brad Reed, BGR

Vivendi to bid for Sky?

France’s Vivendi has denied a report that it is looking to buy the pay-TV group Sky. The rebuttal, published by Bloomberg, comes after Reuters, quoting three sources, said that Vivendi is considering the acquisition of Sky as one of several options to expand Canal+ group. […] Vivendi is currently in exclusive negotiations to buy an 80% stake in dailymotion for €217 million. – Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News

Inside the ingeniously sneaky tricks Comcast uses to get what it wants

As Bloomberg News documents, one of Comcast’s go-to tactics for persuading lawmakers to support its merger proposals is pledging to expand its Internet Essentials program, which is designed to get more low-income people in the United States connected to the Internet. The problem is that few families appear to be taking advantage of these programs — Bloomberg writes that Internet Essentials “has reached 350,000 households — or about 13% of those eligible, according to one estimate. […] Washingtonian Magazine, meanwhile, explains how Comcast uses charity donations as a weapon — essentially, Comcast will make big donations to some charities and in exchange leans on them to publicly support the company during big public policy battles. – Brad Reed,BGR
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What if Yahoo or Alibaba bought Netflix? Brace yourself, it might just happen

During an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop” Friday, [Porter Bibb,Mediatech Capital] explained that a dangerous combination of Netflix’s enticing subscriber base — which just passed 50 million globally — and an increasingly competitive online marketplace has marked the company as a prime target for acquisition. […] When asked if he thought Netflix’s outspoken CEO, Reed Hastings — the poster child media mogul for the cord-cutter crowd — would actually consider selling his precious brand, Bibb said Hastings may have no choice in the matter. […] This isn’t the first time Netflix has faced the possibility of a hostile takeover. According to The Reporter, Netflix constructed means to protect itself against a hostile takeover back in November of 2012 by drafting a shareholder rights plan known as a “poison pill,” when activist investor Carl Icahn began buying up Netflix stock in droves. However, while the poison pill wasn’t due to expire until November 2015, the company terminated it at the dawn of 2014, leaving it open to attack. – Ryan Waniata,Digital Trends
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Sony lands Viacom programming for streaming-TV service

Viacom will make 22 of its television channels available on an Internet-only streaming television service from Sony, possibly representing a turning point for major pay-TV companies as they struggle to deal with younger generations of people who simply don’t see the value in paying for cable. […] Sony has worked to bring aboard programming from Discovery Communications, Time Warner, and other potential partners. Bloomberg reported Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox have also had talks about bringing programming to Sony’s service. – David A. Arnott,Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal  
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