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Seattle’s police department has a YouTube channel for its body camera footage

Seattle’s police department recently launched a YouTube channel to store its force’s body camera footage for the public to view. The channel, SPD BodyWornVideo, features very hazy videos shot by on-duty police. Most of the videos look like that moment in movies when someone who’s been knocked out slowly regains consciousness. The blurriness is meant to hide the identities of people caught on tape. – Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge
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Firefighter creates live-streaming body cam with reliable storage solution

East St. Louis firefighter Rob Schield has been creating helmet cams for firefighters for years, and will soon unveil his newest product: […] The Oncall body camera has the capability to transmit live video, audio, high quality snapshots, and GPS location in real time back to a command center or dispatch center while simultaneously recording video on the body camera unit. Recorded footage is transmitted to a secure server where anyone with administrative rights to the Oncall app can access the footage. Schield said the delay in streaming video is only about a half of a second. […] The camera also has a wide-angle lens plus infrared technology for recording at night, and pre-event recording, which can capture up to two minutes of footage prior to activating the record button on the camera. Thanks to innovations developed when Schield created the helmet-mounted Fire Cam, the Oncall camera can withstand higher temperatures as it’s body is made of an anodized aluminum and the lens is constructed of heat-resistant glass. – Loraine Burger,PoliceOne.com
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