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Is Bose Working On Its Own Streaming Music Service?

The rumors began to take off when a job posting appeared (which has since been taken down) that suggested rather clearly that the company is working on moving into the streaming world. [Bose] is (or was) seeking a Senior User Experience Designer of Cloud Music Services, saying they were looking for a designer with experience […] The job listing also doesn’t play nice right from the start, stating that the ideal candidate would be someone who has previously worked for one of the companies that are about to become competition in new ways, such as Beats, Apple, Pandora, or others who are involved in the streaming music industry. – Hugh McIntyre, Forbes
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Bose Is Building Their Own Streaming Music Service

Audio manufacturer Bose is hiring staff and moving “quickly” to build and launch its own “next generation streaming music platform”. While Bose could integrate their music service within their own audio products, the company still faces very steep competition. And this new move is likely to displease Apple Inc., who recently pulled and then reinstated Bose products from its Apple stores. – Bruce Houghton,Hypebot 
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Spotify Connect’s seamless streaming arrives on smart TVs

Spotify Connect, the streaming outfit is rolling it out to a new set of devices. The feature already played nice with a smattering of wares, and now, you’ll be able to leverage the seamless listening experience on that smart TV. Starting with Philips’ Android-powered units, beaming tunes from your smartphone or tablet […] According to Spotify, this is “the first in a long line of smart TVs” that will hit shelves with the add-on. Alongside Libratone, B&O and Sony, Connect is now available on Bose, Panasonic and Gramofon audio gadgets with support multi-room systems tacked on for good measure. – Billy Steele,Engadget
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