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Watch the full trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, coming to Netflix next month

Jessica Jones, which will be the second Marvel Netflix series after Daredevil, promises to be a darker series than what we’re normally accustomed to from Marvel movies. Jones is a former super hero who now works as a private investigator so she can, in her own words, afford booze. The show is going to take on many mature themes including sexuality and alcohol abuse, among other things, and it looks like one of the best Marvel series we’ve seen yet. – Brad Reed, BGR

Netflix raises subscription prices – streaming will now cost $9.99

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What does this mean for Netflix’s bottom line? Analyst Neal Cybart writes that increasing streaming prices by $1 will generate an extra $750 million in revenue per year. Netflix right now has an estimated 65 million subscribers worldwide and is still in the middle of an ambitious expansion. – Brad Reed, BGR

Comcast’s brilliant plan to make you accept data caps: Refuse to admit they’re data caps

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The trouble with this, of course, is that the amount of data that Internet applications consume is constantly growing. So while using 300GB a month might seem like a lot to some people right now, it won’t be once more people start streaming Netflix in 4K. And anyone who downloads games from the web right now can easily go over their monthly cap in no time — for instance, consider that Grand Theft Auto V weighs in at just under 49GB, which means that downloading just one game can blow through 16% of your monthly cap. Put simply, these happy freedom caps have nothing to do with fairness. Rather, they’re a business decision made by Comcast to help generate more revenue to make up for declining pay TV subscribers. – Brad Reed, BGR

Netflix offers new details on its big plans for future Marvel series

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With the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil out of the way, we can expect to see the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones air in late 2015, after which we’ll presumably see series featuring Luke Cage and Iron Fist in 2016, along with the second season of Daredevil. […] Given that we still have two more characters’ shows to air in 2016, we imagine the earliest you’ll see The Defenders on Netflix will be in 2017 at the very earliest. That said, we don’t mind waiting — the first season of Daredevil was terrific fun and we have high hopes for Jessica Jones once it debuts later this year. – Brad Reed, BGR

AT&T nailed with a massive $100 million for misleading consumers on ‘unlimited’ data plans

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday issued a massive smack down against AT&T for offering consumers “unlimited” data plans and then severely throttling their speeds once they reached certain limits every month. In all, the FCC hit AT&T with a huge $100 million fine for allegedly misleading consumers, although AT&T has vowed to not take this lying down. – Brad Reed, BGR

Comcast’s failed TWC merger may blow up in its face… again

Comcast’s decision to try to merge with Time Warner Cable last year might go down as one of the biggest strategic blunders of the decade. Not only was Comcast forced to embarrassingly withdraw its bid for the cable company but it also opened itself up to investigations about whether it’s actually lived up to promises it made to get its last mega-merger with NBCUniversal approved by regulators. – Brad Reed, BGR

Yet another reason to love Netflix: It’s helping to kill reality TV

And the good news is that high-caliber scripted shows such as Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black look to be a huge part of TV’s future. Why? Because they look like the kinds of shows that cord cutters love to watch more than anything. Bloomberg Business reports that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant are cool to the idea of producing their own reality TV shows because they just don’t think interest in such content holds up over long periods and thus isn’t useful for building audience loyalty. – Brad Reed, BGR

Indie artist delivers an impassioned and smart defense of Spotify

Instead of going through a major label to distribute work on Spotify, David McMillin’s band pays a distributor called TuneCore $50 per album per year to distribute the band’s records on Spotify and nearly two dozen other streaming sites and online music stores. The band made $1,359.01 in royalties from 284,575 streams in Spotify, which is vastly more per stream than what many major artists receive if they rely on their labels to distribute their work on streaming services. – Brad Reed, BGR

Comcast starts offering 2Gbps service after being forced to compete

Although the history of municipal fiber projects has been hit-or-miss, the one in Chattanooga was such a rousing success that Comcast and other ISPs successfully lobbied the Tennessee state legislature to pass a bill that restricted its expansion into new areas. All the same, that hasn’t stopped residents in Chattanooga from enjoying the network, which has now forced Comcast to compete for customers with a high-speed service of its own. […] What does this tell us? Well, it tells us that the rules of Economics 101 function exactly as we’d expect them to. Markets that have competition between at least two providers will see better services and lower prices. – Brad Reed, BGR

Beware: Netflix can cancel your service if you watch it via a VPN

Eagle-eyed Redditor CrypticCraig recently noticed that Netflix’s terms of service now state that it “may terminate or restrict your use of our service, without compensation or notice if you are, or if we suspect that you are… engaged in illegal or improper use of the service.” […] That said, just because Netflix has the right to cancel your service if you use it via a VPN, that doesn’t mean it will do so. This could just be a way for Netflix to cover its own legal bases and please movie and TV studios, even though it has no intention of actually cancelling users’ services for VPN use. – Brad Reed, BGR
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