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Netflix, YouTube lead video services in Brazil

Netflix and YouTube were consistently the first choice of video services, across all devices even in pay-TV households. When IHS Markit reviewed such homes, fewer than half of Sky Brasil households selected the service as their first choice, and they were less likely to have a first choice, while two-fifths of Net Servicos households responded similarly. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News » http://bit.ly/2UdW3sa


Samsung and Google Play Team Up to Corner the Latin-American Streaming Market

Google Play has joined with Samsung in a bold move for the quickly growing Latin American music streaming market. Via a promotion launched in September, anyone who buys a new Samsung device (Galaxy S4, S5 and Galaxy Tab) in any of 17 countries gets a free six-month subscription to the service — and beginning Nov. 1, all owners of a Samsung smartphone, tablet or Level product get a three-month free subscription. […] There are 41 million smartphone users in Brazil alone — the biggest Latin market — and 90 percent of those run on the Google-developed Android system, according to Kantar Worldpanel. In Mexico, there are 25 million smartphones, of which 84% run on Android. – Leila Cobo,Billboard  
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How You Might Soon Be Able to Play a Part In Your Favorite Soap Operas

Imagine appearing in your favorite TV show, with your face right up there between shots of your favorite actors, broadcast around the country. Implausible? Maybe in the U.S. But in Brazil these days, thanks to a new type of interactive television, that dream has become a real possibility, thrilling Brazilian viewers. It could change the television game for all of us. While the concept of interactive TV has gained traction over the past decade, the latest technology has created new possibilities and blurred the line between the Internet and TV. Brazil is now using technology to test the limits of high interactivity, in which viewers affect the content of the program — in this case the unfolding of a drama. Early indications, at least in Brazil, are that viewers are hooked on it. […] The rise of interactive TV (iTV) has coincided with the rise of IPTV, or Internet Protocol television. IPTV allows viewers to watch TV via the Internet, using platforms such as Hulu, Roku, Apple and Amazon. IPTV, which claims 100 million users worldwide, continues to grow 15 percent annually in the U.S. It’s not yet popular in Brazil, but it’s coming. A new study shows that by 2017, 3.9 million Brazilians will be using IPTV. – Shannon Sims,OZY

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Google launches music streaming offer in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world for Android-based devices: the operational system is in 91,6 percent of all smartphones in Brazil, according to research by Nielsen on smartphone use in the country in the first semester of 2014. From having virtually zero music streaming options a couple of years ago, Brazilian music fans now have a plethora of services to choose from: this includes Spotify, which started operations locally in May and Rdio, another player that recently moved from its previous free-trial to a “freemium” offer in a bid to attract more Brazilian users. – Angelica Mari,ZDNet
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Brazil Pay TV and Internet Are Booming, Per Report

Brazil’s audiovisual market is outpacing the rest of the world’s, according to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report. Presented recently at Winston Baker’s TV & Film Finance Forum Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, report reveals that Brazil’s pay TV market is expected to grow 13.3% between 2013 and 2017 compared to a global average of 3.8%. Internet access will likely grow by 14.7% in contrast to a global average of 11.1% and filmed entertainment should grow by 6.7% compared to a global average of 3.6%. – Anna Marie de la Fuente,Variety
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