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Mexico court suspends sale of Roku TV streaming gadgets

[Cablevision] has won a legal case to stop the sale of Roku video streaming devices in the country on the grounds that the gadgets are often hacked to let users view pirated channels. – Noel Randewich, Reuters http://ift.tt/2tu4EMZ

Cablevision and Viacom settle their lawsuits over channel bundling

photo: Jin Lee/Bloomberg/Getty, Engadget

The two TV giants have settled their antitrust lawsuits with promises that they’re making “mutually beneficial business arrangements.” Neither side is saying what those arrangements are, however, and it’s not clear whether or not Cablevision is getting a better deal than what it had in 2012. This ruckus started because Cablevision didn’t like being forced to carry niche Viacom channels to get the big channels it wanted — this whole exercise would be pointless if the company didn’t get either a discount or more control. – Jon Fingas, Engadget

Cable companies are still trying to adapt to the streaming video trend

photo: CBS

Cablevision, which serves more than 3 million people around the New York City Metro area, has announced that it will offer Internet-only customers the opportunity to easily subscribe to streaming video options from CBS, including CBS All Access and Showtime. […] And while the Cablevision and CBS deal might not affect Apple directly, it does show that networks and the cable providers are finally beginning to see the light of day regarding a growing desire for streaming video options instead of expensive cable packages with channels no one watches. – Brent Dirks, AppAdvice

Cablevision will offer HBO’s standalone service to its internet users

Cablevisión has forged a deal to offer HBO NOW to both its internet subscribers and those who use its Optimum WiFi access points. There’s no details as to pricing or whether or not the offering will be available the moment HBO Now launches in April, but it won’t be surprising if the service costs you around the $15 per month announced at Apple’s March 9th event. – Jon Fingas, Engadget 
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Netflix’s list of America’s fastest ISPs in January – did yours make the cut?

It’s been a while since we checked in on Netflix’s list of America’s fastest ISPs and it looks like longtime champion Verizon FiOS is finally getting some real competition. According to Netflix’s latest rankings, FiOS is now in a virtual tie with Cablevision Optimum for the fastest average Netflix streaming speeds of 3.43 Mbps. – Chris Reed, BGR
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This is big: Cablevision launches Wi-Fi-only mobile phone service

Next month, the cable operator is going to introduce a low-cost mobile phone service dubbed Freewheel that’s based entirely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Freewheel will offer existing Cablevisión internet service subscribers unlimited talk, text and data for a mere $9.95 per month. […] Freewheel customers [will] have access to some 300,000 hotspots across the country, courtesy of the CableWiFi initiative that brings together Wi-Fi access points from big cable companies like Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable. And of course, the device will also work with any other Wi-Fi network a user has access to, whether it’s at home or at their office. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom
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Major Cable CEO: Cable is Going Away

Research firm MoffettNathanson, by way of The Wall Street Journal, reported that pay-TV lost 179,000 subscribers, more than 100% higher than last year’s corresponding quarterly loss of 83,000. Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the report was a quote from James Dolan : “Ultimately cord-cutting and going to over the top is something we do believe is going to happen and we are preparing ourselves for it.” And while that sounds like a quote that should come from a network, an investor, or a consumer, it didn’t. In fact, Dolan is the CEO of Cablevisión, the seventh-largest cable company in the United States by subscriber count. […] Dolan noted his company’s investments in broadband as a possible path forward. That makes sense: While pay-TV providers compete with over-the-top and streaming services, those services cannot reach the home without Internet service providers. As Netflix and other streaming services become more popular, and steal more pay-TV market share, pay-TV providers appear to want to capture that value by adding broadband subscribers and pricing accordingly. – Jamal Carnette,The Motley Fool 
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Showtime Anytime brings live and on-demand streaming to Apple TV

Showtime’s Anytime streaming portal has already been available to Xbox 360, Roku and other capable gadgets with the proper cable subscription. Now, Apple TV owners can access the network’s library of programming and the cable channel’s live feed (East and West coast) via the compact set-top box. Customers on Time Warner Cable, Comcast XFINITY, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS, Optimum (Cablevision) and Bright House Networks can input their credentials to start streaming[.] – Billy Steele,Engadget
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Verizon is the worst ISP for streaming Netflix in the U.S., says Netflix

In a post entitled “Netflix ISP Speed Index for July,” Netflix lists the top 16 U.S.-based ISPs for streaming based on average connection speed, according to data compiled by the company. […] Cablevision is rated as the best ISP in the nation when it comes to streaming Netflix videos. The company tallied an average speed of 3.1 MBps. On the flip side, there’s Verizon, which is all the way at the bottom. Verizon ISP subscribers get an average speed of 0.97 MBps when streaming Netflix. – Konrad Krawczyk,Digital Trends  

Netflix performance on Verizon FiOS dropped another 17 percent in June

Netflix’s latest ISP speed rankings, released today, show that the average prime time streaming speed on Verizon FiOS dropped from 1.9Mbps in May to 1.58Mbps in June, a decline of 17 percent. Verizon DSL dropped from 1.05Mbps to 0.91Mbps, a decrease of 13 percent. […] Netflix performance is also getting worse on AT&T, though that’s less of a surprise since Netflix has not yet agreed to pay AT&T for a direct connection. AT&T U-verse performance dropped from 1.7Mbps in May to 1.5Mbps in June, while AT&T DSL performance dropped from 1.26Mbps in May to 1.13Mbps in June. Netflix performance on Comcast dropped a bit too, from 2.72Mbps to 2.61Mbps, […]. Cablevisión, which agreed to give Netflix free connections to its network, leads major ISPs in the US with a rating of 3.03Mbps. The US average across all ISPs is 2.18Mbps. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica http://ift.tt/1oA5uuz