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Foxtel’s Presto Movie Streaming Service Is Now Cheaper Than Netflix

Presto is a great movie streaming service, but up until now it was a little expensive. At $19.99 per month for access to an admittedly large back catalogue of archive movies and a fair few new releases, it was a bit pricey but justifiable; at the new $9.99 monthly cost it is totally worth it […] As for that outrageous “cheaper than Netflix” claim? Stand by for a bit of slightly creative accounting. Netflix costs US$8.99 per month, right? — at today’s exchange rate that’s $9.67 per month; a VPN like UnoTelly or Getflix will cost you around $50 a year, very roughly $4.17 per month. Add those together and you have a monthly fee of around $13.74, far and away more expensive than the $9.99 that Presto is asking. Of course, if you’re already paying for a VPN anyway, or if you’re using a free service like Hola, this argument is moot. – Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo Australia http://ift.tt/1uT07vr