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Anonymous YouTuber sets up bitcoin bird-feeder 

At the time of writing, 26 donations had been sent to the bitcoin address; four donations were sent to the Dogecoin address, and 21 were sent to the Litecoin address. But Nano was still the dominant currency, with 126 donations and counting. – Adriana Hamacher, Decrypt » https://decrypt.co/8823/youtube-bitcoin-bird-feeder-adoption [source: Youtube/ Mr Dove]

Steam Link now lets you beam Steam games to your iOS devices

Because there’s no way most PC games would be fun on a touchscreen, you’ll probably want a controller — Valve says that Made for iPhone-certified controllers should work, as will its own Steam-branded controller. The company also notes that for best performance, the computer doing the streaming should be hardwired to your router, and your iOS device should be running on your Wi-Fi network’s 5Ghz band. – Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/2WNcuNM

Apple revises App Store rules after rejecting Valve’s game streaming Steam Link app

The new rule does, however, allow for what are known as remote mirroring apps, like Steam Link, to contain an app store so long as purchases through that app store are processed on the desktop PC, and not on the iPhone or iPad itself. This seems like a relatively straightforward exemption, and it opens the door for apps like Steam Link and other game streaming services to work on iOS devices. – Nick Statt, The Verge https://ift.tt/2Lpf9ak

Valve’s PC game streaming service Steam Link launches in beta on Android

You’ll be able to play games on mobile using the Steam Controller and presumably any other Bluetooth gamepad device, which includes the Xbox One controller and other Android-compatible devices. (Valve hasn’t yet released a full list of supported controllers._ The app will also work on Android TV set-top boxes, so long as your Android TV is connected directly to the same router as your gaming PC. – Nick Statt, The Verge https://ift.tt/2Gt3rbQ

Epix Cast offers an easy way for viewers to stream movies to their connected TVs

Epix Cast, which allows you to find a movie in the mobile Epix app and then play it on your TV, even if the app hasn’t been installed on that TV. […] EPIX says the feature works with smart TV models from LG, Sony, Vizio and other manufacturers, as well as Google Chromecast and Sony’s Internet-connected Blu-ray players. The company also plans to add support for Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo and Xbox. – Anthony Ha, TechCrunch http://tcrn.ch/2p9lv1Q

Google is building Chromecast streaming right into Chrome

A Google+ post from François Beaufort indicates the company is working on a way to build the feature into the browser itself. The change means you may soon be able to right click a page in Chrome and see the “Cast” option show up to send whatever’s in your browser window to a nearby Chromecast-equipped TV. – Nick Statt, The Verge

TV streaming stick brings the movies and the network backdoors

Vulnerabilities in the EZCast TV streaming stick can allow a hacker to take full control of home networks, steal data and plant bots, researchers at security firm Check Point have warned, with the TV device’s flaws effectively handing over root shell control over networks in users’ homes or offices. […] The EZCast dongle runs on its own Wi-Fi network, secured only by an eight digit numeric password. This login credential can be cracked quite easily using a brute-force attack, Check Point’s researchers discovered. After running the attack, a hacker would gain access to an associated network. – John Leyden, The Register

Amazon’s Fling is its version of AirPlay and Google Cast

photo: Amazon

[Amazon] revealed its Fling feature this week, a tool that will allow developers to include a way to control media from a mobile device on your Fire TV. Right now, the software will let you send video, audio and still images from an Android or iOS device to the set-top box (or dongle, we’d surmise) for viewing. – Billy Steele, Engadget

Fuller House: Bob Saget Officially Boards Netflix Revival Series

John Stamos on Thursday confirmed that Bob Saget (aka Wake Up, San Francisco! host Danny Tanner) will appear in Netflix’s Fuller House. […] Earlier in the day, Lori Loughlin confirmed she’ll also reprise the role of Aunt Becky. In fact, the only original member of the Tanner family not returning for the revival series […] is Michelle; Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen have politely declined any involvement. – Andy Swift, TVLine  
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