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Netflix Party lets you binge with long-distance buds

Once one person starts watching something on Netflix, they create a sharable link for friends to join their party and watch at the same speed. No word on whose buffering takes precedence and gets them off the list for further party invites. – Rae Votta, The Daily Dot

Now you can watch 360-degree videos on YouTube, and they’re awesome

YouTubers’ 360-degree creations are viewable on desktop in Chrome by clicking and dragging around the viewing window, but the experience is far superior on the YouTube app for Android (Google says iOS support is coming). As long as a gyroscope is present, moving your phone will tilt and pan the frame in the corresponding direction. Presumably, the effect is best experienced with Google Cardboard or a similar frame. – Kyle Wiggers, Digital Trends
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What Is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 like any good upgrade, will address some issues with the previous version, and as a result, your web browser will load pages more quickly. This is exciting—but it’s also rather revealing in terms of web history. As the internet’s evolved, web pages have steadily increased in size, like, a lot. […] There is a potential downside, sort of. HTTP/2 won’t work with certain types of encryption. However, it will open the door for better types of encryption, and browsers are using the upgrade as an opportunity to boost security. Rumor has it that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will soon only support HTTPS connections. (By the way, the “S” on HTTPS simply means that the protocol is run through a secure protocol, usually Transport Layer Security.) – Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo

How to download audio from any streaming video

If the stream you want to capture is on YouTube (and let’s be honest: most of the time it will be), you can save time and use a tool designed specifically for that platform. There are a number of apps that will do what you want, but a great, free choice is Peggo.co, a web app that makes it easy to capture audio from a YouTube video. […] If you want to grab audio from a source other than YouTube, your options are a little more limited. I haven’t found a good audio-only downloader for non-YouTube videos, but there are several general-purpose FLV ripper extensions that install into your browser and easily save streaming video as a file on your disk. If you use Chrome, a good option is Video Downloader. And if you use Firefox, try DownloadHelper. – Alex Castle,PCWorld 

Slingbox Support Dropped From Chrome Browsers

As Google modernizes their Chrome web browser, Sling has alerted customers that they’re unprepared to continue streaming support at this time. […] While Sling has once again released a desktop client (yes!), it’s incomplete and support hasn’t been extended to most models (not to mention the software is next to impossible to find) — so that’s not an option for most impacted by this news. Indeed, in speaking with Sling last June, I got the sense that their player intentions were somewhat in flux… so it’ll be interesting to see where we ultimately land. For the interim, I guess us Slingbox owners have one more reason to keep Firefox around. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny
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Netflix arrives on Linux, if you use Chrome

Netflix officially arrived on Linux this week: Linux users can now access Netflix streams without resorting to any complicated workarounds. All they need is Google’s Chrome browser, as well as the latest version of a security library called NSS. […] Netflix has started to embrace HTML5-based streaming. HTML5 has already been used by Netflix for some time to deliver streams to users of Google‘s Chromebooks, and the company made some advances in recent months to bring the same approach to full-blown Linux distributions such as Ubuntu as well. – Janko Roettgers,Gigaom
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