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Turn any old, slow computer into a speedy Chromebook with this free software

photo: BGR

It’s worth noting that the name Chromebook is trademarked by Google, so that’s not technically what you’re getting when you install CloudReady on your computer. But Neverware uses Chromium, the open source version of the Chrome operating system, which makes for a nearly identical experience, complete with all the apps and services you’d find on an actual Chromebook. – Jacob Siegal, BGR

Netflix arrives on Linux, if you use Chrome

Netflix officially arrived on Linux this week: Linux users can now access Netflix streams without resorting to any complicated workarounds. All they need is Google’s Chrome browser, as well as the latest version of a security library called NSS. […] Netflix has started to embrace HTML5-based streaming. HTML5 has already been used by Netflix for some time to deliver streams to users of Google‘s Chromebooks, and the company made some advances in recent months to bring the same approach to full-blown Linux distributions such as Ubuntu as well. – Janko Roettgers,Gigaom
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Adobe brings “streaming” Photoshop to Chrome OS

If you deal with photos at all, Chrome OS has mostly been a non-starter because it has been missing one crucial piece of software: Adobe Photoshop. Today, Google and Adobe are finally fixing that situation, bringing Photoshop to Chrome OS. […] ,this is just a beta project. Initially it’s only going to be available to “US-based Adobe education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership.” Photoshop won’t be a local app; it will be a “streaming version” of Photoshop. – Ron Amadeo,Ars Technica
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Chromebooks Get Chromecast streaming for Drive Videos

In the latest Chrome OS dev update, the folks at Google have updated its video player app with the now easily recognizable Chromecast icon. With the Google Cast extension installed, you can now open the Files app, play a movie uploaded to Google Drive and quickly whisk it across to your favorite television. – Nick Summers,The Next Web
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