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SpongeBob SquarePants’ “Sweet Victory” Spikes in Streams After Super Bowl Halftime Cameo

On the day of the big game and the day following, “Sweet’s” on-demand streams (audio and video combined) surged by 566 percent in the U.S., as compared to the two previous days, according to Nielsen Music. The song’s streams jumped to 310,000 on Feb. 3 and Feb 4 (combined) versus just 46,000 on Feb. 1 and Feb. 2. – Keith Caulfield, Billboard via The Hollywood Reporter » http://bit.ly/2GxLNHm

Twitch’s new ‘clips’ feature lets you share your favorite streaming moments

photo: The Verge

Today [Twitch] is introducing a new feature called “clips,” which lets viewers record 30-second snippets of a stream, which they can then share on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The tool appears to be pretty simple to use; you click the new clips button in the video player, and it will automatically save the previous 25 seconds of the stream, as well as the next five seconds. You’ll then be able to share the clip as a link, which will also connect viewers back to the original broadcaster. – Andrew Webster, The Verge

Quantum Break lets you turn off copyrighted audio for YouTube videos

One of the problems with making videos from a popular game is that the music is copyrighted. If the music is used elsewhere, your video might get flagged for including it. Remedy Entertainment knows how popular Let’s Plays and other gameplay videos can be, so they added a special feature in Quantum Break with that in mind. […] being able to only turn off the music that could get you a copyright strike is a fantastic move on their part. – Chris Scott Barr, SlashGear

Watch the latest Daredevil season 2 trailer ahead of the show’s March debut

[T]he official Daredevil Twitter shared a short clip featuring the costumed vigilante as well as an unfamiliar (but exceptionally important) voice. Yes, that “bang” that you hear at the end of the teaser is The Punisher, a character who is set to play a major role in the show’s second season. – Jacob Siegal, BGR

Associated Press & Movietone upload half a million archival news clips to YouTube

photo: Associated Press

The catalog includes a monumental 550,000 digitized archival clips, equating to more than a million minutes of footage. Those interested can search through them, as a sort of visual encyclopedia on the AP Archive Youtube channel. The channel features a deluge of footage of major historical events, from the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, to the Pearl Harbor bombing; as well as celebrity footage through the decades — everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Elvis to Amy Winehouse gets a nod. – Christine Persaud, Digital Trends

Net Neutrality Gets Slapped Around: ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live‘s team had a solid team effort in this riff on a Bloomberg News TV panel trying to explain the extremely important but extremely eye-glazing topic of net neutrality. Except, according to SNL, the real reason for all the heat on net neutrality isn’t about getting to watch House of Cards at a reasonable quality level. It’s about that other stuff the Internet brings to your computers at very high quality. – Jeremy Gerard, Deadline Hollywood
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How to easily create a GIF from any YouTube video

In order to create a GIF, you need to sign in to YouTube, find a video with the feature enabled, click the Share option below the video and then navigate to the GIF tab. A small preview will appear, and you’ll be able to decide which portion of the video you want to turn into a GIF with either a slider or a text box denoting the begin and end times. You can even put text at the top and bottom of the GIF. – Jacob Siegal,BGR
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Vlogbrothers Bring YouTube’s “Crash Course” Videos to PBS Digital Studios

Crash Course” videos, which have attracted 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, are about to get a larger audience through a partnership with PBS Digital Studios. Creators John Green and Hank Green — known as the Vlogbrothers — agreed to distribute their educational video library through PBS’s YouTube network as well as into the classroom through PBS LearningMedia, an on-demand digital service that’s free to educators nationwide. The videos become available in January. […] Under the PBS agreement, “Crash Course” will launch two new series, one on U.S. government, to be hosted by YouTube personality Craig Benzine, also known as WheezyWaiter, and the other on astronomy, featuring astronomer and the author of Slate’s “Bad Astronomy” blog Phil Plait. – Dawn Chmielewski,Re/code
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