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RIP: CN & Nick Reboot

Making a quick exit, dual popular Roku channels get the hatchet. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

Statement via Roku Guide

Statement via Roku Guide

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Turner And HBO Secure Distribution Deals With Dish Network

Turner Broadcasting channels, except for TBS Network and TNT , went dark on Dish for a month beginning in late October as both sides blamed the other for the breakdown in negotiations to extend their carriage deal. Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen gave Turner an ultimatum that if it could not come to terms by the end of November, then Dish might “just make a long-term decision to go a different direction.” He called the loss of the channels– including CNN, Cartoon Network, and truTV — a “non-event” for Dish, specifically noting that channels such as CNN “are not quite the product that they used to be. – David Lieberman, Deadline Hollywood 

Cable, the FCC and streaming killed Saturday morning cartoons

As for why this longstanding television staple has vanished? It’s a combination of regulation and technological progress. A 1996 FCC rule required that stations offer at least three hours of educational programming every week; to avoid interrupting affiliate programming, the networks scheduled most of that content on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, kids’ viewing options have increased dramatically. On top of dedicated cable and satellite channels like the Cartoon Network, they can now watch plenty of animation on Hulu, Netflix and other streaming services. In that sense, today’s children aren’t missing out — if anything, they’re making your inner 8-year-old a little jealous. – Jon Fingas,Engadget
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