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The Android TV Interface Has Been Compromised

Both Joel’s Sony 2016 800D 43″ and 2017 900E 65″ televisions, running Android TV 8.0, have been hit with a rather obtrusive sponsorship banner smack dab in the middle of the interface. Further, as you can see below, there is no option to disable this Fire TV-esque monstrosity. – Dave Zatz, Zatz Not Funny » http://bit.ly/2G3Ewyx

Netflix’s real advantage is that it’s a tech company first

For Netflix, the tech is just as important as the storytelling. Regardless of how many shows or movies Netflix produces, it needs to ensure that its 118 million subscribers can watch them without issue — no matter where they are in the world, which smartphone they own or how fast their internet is. Netflix even recently re-encoded its entire catalog (said to be around 6,000 titles) to produce the best possible picture using the smallest amount of bandwidth. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget http://engt.co/2FrG2f0

TVStreamCMS Brings Pirate Streaming Site Clones to The Masses 

In addition to using it for his own project, [TVStreamCMS] also decided to offer it to others who wanted to run their own streaming portal, for a monthly subscription fee. […] “Currently, a lot of the sites competing against the top level streaming sites are using our script. This includes 123movies.co, gomovies.co and putlockers.tv, keywords like yesmovies fmovies gomovies 123movies, even in different Languages like Portuguese, French and Italian,” [Rick,TVStreamCMS ] says. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2tSkCgq

How people play Nintendo games on a computer, and why that’s probably illegal

Since the age of modern computing, people have figured out how to use code to mimic game consoles like NES and Genesis in order to play them on everything from laptops to smartwatches. Sometimes it’s a near-perfect recreation of a childhood memory. Sometimes it’s a virtual reality “remix” of a popular cartoon fighter (blatant self-promotion) or something indescribably trippy. In either case, it’s probably something the game’s developer and publisher are pretty mad about. – Ross Miller, The Verge

Twitch is helping developers create games designed for streaming

Twitch is announcing a new initiative called “stream first” that it hopes will encourage developers to start integrating Twitch functionality directly into their games. As part of the announcement, Twitch is also announcing a new set of development services to help creators add these features, as well as the first trio of “stream first” games, which show some of the possibilities of baked-in Twitch functionality. – Andrew Webster, The Verge http://ift.tt/1Wm9aCD

Spotify clones built with a $38 script might soon be shut down


photo: Youtube

Wefre was built using the aforementioned script available on code marketplace CodeCanyon, and that several clones have cropped up as well. The trouble with setting up a streaming music service using YouTube content is that it’s against the platform’s terms and conditions […] So how come these sites are still running? It’s possible that YouTube hasn’t yet discovered them using its API without displaying video, but it could be just a matter of time before the company closes off access to its content for these clones. – Abhimanyu Ghoshal, The Next Web

Maybe You Shouldn’t Stream Torrents In Your Browser

photo: Gizmodo

A dissection by Andrew Sampson, as well as people on the /r/Piracy subreddit, has thrown up a few worries about how the plugin works. At heart, Torrents Time is trying to run an entire torrent client in a webpage and using a service, which leads to some “creative” programming, and some serious security flaws. The most egregious is the abuse of cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), a mechanism that lets one webpage request resources from another webpage. Sampson shows that because of how it’s set up, it proves to be a gaping security hole that could compromise what you download, not to mention your real IP address—not good for something used for illegal downloads. – Chris Mills, Gizmodo
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