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Transylvania Television seeks another season

Hoping to gather enough support to get Amazon Studios’ attention. In a post today, TVTV is asking it’s fans for help in getting the 2012 multiple WebFest winner another round. In it’s lifespan the web series has already seen a place on Tubi TV, the lesser known Seeka and now Amazon Prime. It remains to be seen if Amazon will notice. But at the time of writing, the post as already gotten many replies of “Done” from fans. So hopefully the viral campagn works and this internet (oc)cult classic sees another season. ‘ – Streaming-TV » https://ift.tt/2M1eEFd [photo: TVTV/Facebook]

Elvira Star Says Netflix And Shudder Rejected Her Revival Ideas: ‘So Now What?’

Really? It’s not clear exactly what Shudder was turning down — a new series, a new movie, just airing her classic Elvira‘s Movie Macabre episodes, or maybe all of it. Without knowing the full context, it’s hard to know what led to a rejection. Too expensive? Are there any rights issues? It’s hard to imagine they just didn’t think the content would be a good fit.Gina Carbone, Cinema Blend » https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2478779/elvira-star-says-netflix-and-shudder-rejected-her-revival-ideas-so-now-what [photo: New World Pictures/IMDb]

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