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Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Finalizes Deal for Potential Season 6 at Netflix

News of the actor’s extension all but clears the way for the series’ Season 6 renewal at Netflix. Last week, co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson inked new Season 6 deals. Meanwhile, many — if not all — of Ellis’ co-stars have existing deals that carry them through Season 6. – Michael Ausiello, TVLine » https://ift.tt/32VaCWX [photo: Tom Ellis/IMDb]

Amazon Studios suspends chief Roy Price following harassment allegations

Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, has been suspended after allegations of sexual harassment were leveled at him by Isa Hackett, one of the producers of the company’s first series, The Man in the High Castle. A potentially cozy relationship with disgraced Hollywood power broker Harvey Weinstein may also have contributed to his ouster. – Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2kL6nLb

T-Mobile will give Verizon customers a year of Hulu to switch

The company already offered Sprint customers $200 to change carriers and tempted AT&T subscribers with a steeply discounted 128GB iPhone 6s. Now, Verizon customers who switch to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid plan will receive a year-long Hulu subscription (with limited commercials, valued at $100). – Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

Streaming Era Sets Off Battle Over TV Rights

The hope is that the new approach, known as “stacking” episodes, could help build audiences, boosting ratings and ad dollars in an increasingly fragmented and competitive TV landscape. However, studios and talent benefit when reruns of TV shows, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” are sold for the highest possible amount, and there are fears the networks are jeopardizing that pot of gold. While producers receive per-episode salaries on shows, the potential for big TV riches lies in those “syndication” deals. – Shalini Ramachandran, The Wall Street Journal

Cord-Cutters Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About CBS Streaming the Super Bowl to TVs for Free

photo: Don Juan Moore, Getty Images

The NFL specifically has broadcast contracts set through 2020, meaning you won’t see much more than one-offs like this until then. More generally, significant change in online streaming likely won’t come until services like Sling TV—or the rumored Apple equivalent—become more reliable and, in turn, more widely adopted. – Brian Barrett, WIRED

Every movie and TV show being removed from Netflix in February

At the end of January, the contract between Netflix and the BBC is currently set to expire, which means that several of your favorite British TV shows, from Fawlty Towers to Red Dwarf, will no longer be available.
February 1st
A Bit Of Fry And Laurie (1987-1995)
Allosaurus: Walking With Dinosaurs Special (2001)
Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State (2005)
Blackadder (1983-1989)
Bleak House (1985)
Bleak House (2005)
Blue Mountain State (2010-2011)
Canterbury’s Law (2008)
Chased By Dinosaurs: Three Walking With Dinosaurs Adventures (2003)
Colosseum: A Gladiator’s Story (2003)
Come Fly With Me (2010)
David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials (2008)
Gavin & Stacey (2007)
Hiroshima (2005)
Hyperdrive (2006-2007)
Invasion Earth (1998)
Jekyll (2007)
Kidnapped (2006)
Little Britain (2003-2004)
MI-5 (2002-2011)
Miss Marple (1984-1986)
Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (1987)
Miss Marple: 4.50 From Paddington (1987)
Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side (1992)
Miss Marple: They Do It With Mirrors (1991)
Outcasts (2011)
Pompeii: The Last Day (2003)
Survivors (2008-2010)
The Blue Planet: A Natural History Of The Oceans (2011)
The Inspector Lynley Murders: Missing Joseph (2002)
The Inspector Lynley Murders: Payment In Blood (2002)
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Well-Schooled In Murder (2002)
The League Of Gentlemen (1999-2002)
The Life Of Birds (1998)
The Life Of Mammals (2002)
The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (2000)
The Planets (1999)
The State Within (2006)
The Tick (2001)
Waking The Dead (2000-2005)
Walking With Beasts (2001)
Walking With Cavemen (2003)
Walking With Dinosaurs (1999)
Walking With Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs (2005)
Wild China (2008)
Wives & Daughters (1999)
Yellowstone: Battle For Life (2009)
February 2nd
Jem & The Holograms (1985-1988)
Littlest Pet Shop (2012-2013)
My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas (2005)
My Little Pony: Dancing In The Clouds (2004)
My Little Pony: Friends Are Never Far Away (2005)
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2013)
My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade (2006)
My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow (2006)
My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure (2009)
The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends (2010-2011)
Transformers Prime (2010-2013)
Transformers: Rescue Bots (2011-2014)
February 4th
Phineas & Ferb (2007-2011) 

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Be very careful when you sign up for one of Time Warner Cable’s two-year promotions

Recently, a Time Warner Cable customer who had signed up for one of the company’s two-year offers was surprised to see their cable bill jump by $15 per month after just one year. After making multiple calls to Time Warner Cable to ask why their bill had increased from the rate they thought that they’d locked in for two years, they were told that TWC reserved the right to increase their rates after the first year of the promotion. […] How can Time Warner Cable get away with this? Mostly because the company never offered the customer a two-year contract that would have locked them into a set rate for a given amount of time. Instead, the company gave them a two-year promotion that they agreed to over the phone. – Brad Reed,BGR
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