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Netflix Loses Title as No. 1 Bandwidth-Eating Application

In the Americas, Netflix’s share of downstream traffic for the first six months of 2019 was 12.9% — dropping from last year’s 19.1% share — putting it in third place behind HTTP media streaming and operator-delivered video. That reflects the growing consumption of other streaming options, both paid and free, with the biggest growth coming from operators’ own internet-delivered TV and video services (which accounted for 15% of downstream traffic in the region), per Sandvine. – Todd Spangler, Variety » https://trib.al/Cp8bMqq

Study: Cord Cutters Save $115 Per Month on Average

A new study conducted by personal finance website LendEDU found that cord cutters save an average of $115 per month by gutting back on bloated cable TV bundles. The survey, with an admittedly small sample size of 500 consumers, found that 58.60% of those surveyed axed their traditional cable TV subscription because they couldn’t justify the high price tag of such services. – Karl Bode, DSL Reports http://ift.tt/2npPCDw

ESPN’s standalone streaming service arrives in 2018

The ESPN service will feature approximately “10,000 live regional, national, and international games and events a year,” according to a press release. That includes Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, Grand Slam Tennis and college sports. Crucially, individual sport packages like MLB.TV, NHL.TV and MLS Live will also be available, meaning you will conceivably be able to customize your streaming access and skip paying for what you won’t watch. – David Lumb, Engadget http://engt.co/2hIbRFe

Discovery to buy Scripps: The good and bad for cord cutters

With rare exceptions, TV networks tend to be all-or-nothing participants in today’s streaming bundles. If a TV provider wants to include Disney channels, for instance, it must also offer Disney-owned ESPN channels. If the provider wants to offer Turner’s TNT and TBS channels, it must also include CNN. That means streaming TV bundlers must decide which media companies to include, and which to leave out. – Jared Newman, TechHive http://ift.tt/2vsqf9z

15 million Americans could flock to disruptive live-TV packages from Hulu, YouTube, or even Amazon

One big difference is that because of how aggressively these services are priced, the margins are razor-thin, especially compared to the fat margins of normal pay TV. That means if someone swaps a cable package for a streaming one, the cable company is going to lose some revenue — sometimes a lot. UBS says that cable companies will be able to offset some of that financial impact by charging customers for the data they are using to stream TV, since many are delivering internet too. – Nathan McAlone, Business Insider http://ift.tt/2n6PD0k

The Perfect Cord Cutting Solution Does Not Exist

The industry has gone from taking a stance that the only good way to deliver television was through a traditional bundle and denying that anyone was cutting cable to multiple companies offering “skinny bundles” to hold on to customers and attract those who have come up in the past 10 years and chosen not to get a service at all. In the streaming world, we have gone from the “Roku Netflix Player” to a landscape with four mainstream streaming products and dozens of Android and Linux-based streaming solutions. We have seen the rise of Netflix, HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax without cable, NFL Sunday Ticket without Direct TV, free 24-hour streaming news and weather apps and of course the ability to digitally purchase entire series and watch them through smart TV’s and streaming Players. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor http://ift.tt/2cYifVb

TCL Confirms Roku TVs Will Be Cord Cutter Friendly

Several major TV manufacturers have recently started to make TVs without tuners. This has left many cord cutters concerned about the future of free over-the-air TV. […] Thankfully, TCL TV, the largest manufacturer of Roku TVs, has publicly stated that they believe a tuner is an important part of a TV and plan to continue to support free over-the-air TV. – Cord Cutters News http://ift.tt/1Tnq9E7
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