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Netflix’s Aggressive Move Into Movies to Shake Up the Business

So-called day-and-date movie releases aren’t new — “Margin Call” and “Arbitrage” are two of the more successful titles that premiered simultaneously in theaters and via on-demand platforms. […] What’s different about the pictures under Netflix’s new deals is that they are mainstream vehicles — particularly the Sandler movies — which have essentially opted to forgo a theatrical release to tap into the streamer’s burgeoning 50 million worldwide audience of subscribers. But in doing so, Hollywood players like the The Weinstein Company. and Adam Sandler may be sacrificing more than ticket sales: They could also be disrupting the economic ecosystem of film, since library content devalues more rapidly when it is made available on Netflix, where it can be streamed endlessly. – Brent Lang,Variety
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Netflix is now Disney on steroids

It’s hard to not see this move as Netflix deliberately signaling its intent to tread on movie industry turf. The four-series deal with Marvel focusing on characters in the Daredevil universe was another sign of the rapid expansion of Netflix’s ambitions. The DreamWorks Animation package deal was another. Major animation licenses, super hero properties, historical dramas like Marco Polo, a sci-fi epic from Wachowski brothers, a huge sequel to an action fantasy adventure, a package deal with a major comedy talent of recent past… suddenly Netflix is looking a lot like a major movie studio. – Tero Kuittinen,BGR
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Netflix might have ulterior motives for the whole Crouching Tiger thing

Michael Nathanson of “independent research boutique” MoffettNathanson, […], tells Variety that he thinks Netflix’s claim that it has several other simultaneous “day-and-date” releases in the works is bullshit. “We are skeptical that any other major movie studio would be willing to go down this path as it jeopardizes the entire profit model,” he says. “As long as none of the major studios break rank, we feel like this Netflix test will ultimately fizzle away just like premium VOD.” So if its strategy won’t result in any real change, why pursue it at all? Publicity, of course. – Katie Rife,The A.V. Club  
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Movie Theaters Are Declaring War On Netflix, Here’s Why

Regal Cinemas, the world’s largest theater chain, came out this morning in strong opppsition to the merger between Weinstein, Netflix and IMAX, which has agreed to carry Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 next August. Netflix, at the time, said that the sequel would be the first of several major films that would receive a day-and-date release on both Netflix and in some IMAX theaters. […] Regal operates 86 IMAX locations across the country, and told THR that they will not carry Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 at any of those locations. Cinemark, meanwhile, chimed in with a stern stance as well, stating (via Variety), “Cinemark does not play day-and-date movie releases on any of our screens including the IMAX screens that we operate.” […] However, it’s worth asking if Regal will maintain this stance if this Netflix model is adopted by major studios like Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, Fox or Disney. Not that this would occur in the next year or two. But let’s say, down the line, that the latest Marvel movie would be available on Netflix on the same day that you also could see it on an IMAX screen. You’re telling me Regal would still refuse to carry an obvious moneymaker on principle? – Sean O’Connell,Cinema Blend
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