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The Wachowskis’ Sense8 will get a second season on Netflix

photo: Netflix

[T]he show is officially returning. It seems nearly certain that Straczynski and the Wachowskis are back on board — they had previously announced that they had designed the show around a five-season story arc — though no official details are available yet. We also don’t know when you’ll get to watch the group of sense-sharing individuals continue their story, but Netflix does note that season two is “coming soon.” – Dante D’Orazio, The Verge

Music labels are reportedly pressuring Spotify to limit free streaming

The labels may seek to limit the amount of music users can listen to without paying up. Or they might hope to limit all free streaming to Pandora-like radio stations instead of on-demand music. Spotify and Rdio both allow for unlimited free on-demand streaming on computers, but limit mobile streaming to shuffled, radio-like services. Paid subscribers get full mobile streaming, offline access, higher quality, and no ads. – Dante D’Orazio, The Verge
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Google halts Nexus Player pre-orders as it awaits FCC certification

Pre-orders for the company’s latest effort, the Nexus Player, started briefly on Friday, but there was a bit of a problem. The ASUS-made device hadn’t yet been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. As a result, Google was embarrassingly forced to shut down pre-orders just as soon as they began. […] The company plans to ship the device in early November — possibly in time for its original November 3rd release date. In fact, documentation posted to the FCC’s website (first spotted by Engadget) shows that, as of October 19th, the device has received approval. Unfortunately for Google, that approval came two days after it intended to start pre-orders for the device. – Dante D’Orazio,The Verge
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This is what Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ will look like on Netflix

It looks like Marvel is doing everything it can to distance its Netflix-exclusive series, Daredevil, from the widely panned 2003 film of the same name starring Ben Affleck. We got our first peek of the new Daredevil yesterday at New York Comic Con, and the updated hero has swapped his iconic red suit for something a bit more sinister. It’s all inspired by Frank Miller’s “Daredevil: The Man without Fear“, which takes a suitably darker tone. – Dante D’Orazio,The Verge
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