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Zack Snyder is turning Norse myths into anime for Netflix

[Netflix] has announced that Snyder and DC animated movie director Jay Oliva are creating an anime series based on Norse mythology. There’s no mention of plot, a release date or even a name, but Netflix is counting on the close connection between the two masterminds as a selling point. – Jon Fingas, Engadget » https://engt.co/2jDjEpt

DC Universe: ‘Doctor Who’ Co-Star Lands Mercy Graves Role On ‘Titans’

The official character bio from the show’s producers: “Mercy Graves is the ruthless, cunning, right hand and bodyguard to the notorious Lex Luthor – serving her boss with unquestioned loyalty. Her connection to the Luthors runs deep, as Mercy has been a friend of the family and in Lex’s life since they were young.” – Geoff Boucher, Deadline Hollywood » http://bit.ly/2ZndXet

Warner Bros Digital Launches DC Universe With Heroic Hopes

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Networks on Saturday launched DC Universe, a streaming site that entices superhero fans to pay $7.99 a month for access to new television shows, digital comics, fan forums, exclusive merchandise as well as a rotating archive of vintage DC movies and television shows. – Geoff Boucher, Deadline Hollywood https://ift.tt/2xdThdg

DC will launch a daily show on its streaming service to keep fans apprised of all things DC

This month, the DC Universe digital subscription service will open a beta for its streaming branch, and next week, it’ll launch with a show called DC Daily, a news program about all things DC. The DC Universe platform is designed to be an all-encompassing home for the media company’s vast content library. When it launches this fall, it will be available on a variety of platforms, from iOS to Android, as well as home devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. – Andrew Liptak, The Verge https://ift.tt/2o0J4M6

Harley Quinn is getting a new animated series for DC’s streaming service

The currently untitled show will be featured exclusively on the digital streaming service DC is launching next year. That makes it the third series announced thus far, alongside the live-action show Titans, and the animated Young Justice: Outsiders. The series will be headed by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey, who previously collaborated on DC’s superhero comedy Powerless. – Shannon Liao, The Verge http://ift.tt/2jdDIua

DC TV Boss May Push Netflix-Hulu Streaming More Than a Year

photo: The CW

Anyone boarding DC Comics’s TV train over the last few months may have been drawn by the superhero syndicate’s streaming options, whether Arrow, The Flash or Gotham’s Netflix presence or beyond. That said, the comic company may opt for some major alterations to its availability, leaving some viewers waiting a year or more for the latest seasons. – Kevin Fitzpatrick, ScreenCrush

Batman, One of the Last Great TV/DVD Holdouts, Finally Arrives. Was It Worth the Wait?

Delayed due to complex rights issues that pitted DC Comics parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment against Twentieth Century Fox for decades, the series has now been brought out in all digital formats. […] Regardless of which edition you purchase (the “Complete Classic” edition features all 120 episodes, the “Classic” is a best-of boxed set), the colors pop like they never have before — the show is currently running on IFC and MeTV in the non-cleaned-up version, which gives the sense that Vaseline has somehow gotten smeared on the inside AND outside of your screen. And the colors are really the thing. In one commentary, a DC Entertainment executive recalls that Batman was the show that got his parents to buy the family’s first color-TV set, and it’s easier than ever to see why. – Ivan Cohen,Vulture
(Full Story: http://vult.re/1rouvLp )