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Deezer expands podcasts and talk radio to bolster its streaming library

photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images, Engadget

Deezer’s lineup of podcasts and talk radio now totals 40,000, doubling the previous tally. The library of shows includes programming from the likes of NPR and CBS News with sports coverage from TalkSport (in the UK and Germany) and more. – Billy Steele, Engadget

Streaming Service Deezer Partners With BandPage To Help Artists Make More Money

photo: BandPage/Deezer, Forbes

The idea is that [BandPage and Deezer] will use the mountains of data they both collect to present fans with offers from BandPage at what is hopefully the right time to make a sale. Not every listener will get the same offers at the same times, but only those that have been identified as potentially truly interested via some actions they have taken, such as listening to the same artist many times, favoriting several songs, etc. Over 500,000 artists have already set up special offers on BandPage, so the packages are ready to sell, they just need to be shown to the right people at the opportune time. – Hugh McIntyre, Forbes

Music-Streaming Service Deezer Plans IPO

photo: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

[Deezer] said Tuesday it is planning an IPO on the Paris stock exchange toward the end of the year, once it receives the approval of French financial authorities. […] According to Deezer’s new financial disclosure for the IPO, it is no different. Deezer’s revenue grew 41% in the first half of 2015 to €93 million. But the firm remained in the red, losing €9 million in the period. – Sam Schechner, The Wall Street Journal

Streaming Music Companies Battle for International Ears

Deezer is in 180 countries; Spotify counts more than 50. And it’s not as if they can open a local office in Argentina or Germany and start streaming — to be successful, a streaming service has to work with record labels, publishers and other local rights holders, make deals with Internet and cellphone providers and, in the case of Brazil, figure out the difference between baile funk and bossa nova. – Steve Knopper, Rolling Stone
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Deezer, a French Streaming Service, to Buy Muve Music

Deezer and Cricket Wireless, the phone service that has offered Muve since early 2011, announced the deal on Thursday. The price was not disclosed, but Deezer said it had acquired the intellectual property behind Muve, and would discontinue that service in early February, moving its customers to Deezer. […] Deezer has established itself as the second-largest streaming service in the world, with 16 million users — including six million who pay for subscriptions — in 180 countries. Spotify, the leading competitor, has 50 million users, 12.5 million of whom pay, and is in 58 markets around the world. – Ben Sisario, The New York Times
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Music Streaming Service Deezer Finally Recruits New CEO

In April this year, the company announced that Axel Dauchez would be stepping down in September, but it’s taken until now to announce his replacement: Dr. Hans-Holger Albrecht, who will take up the role of Deezer’s CEO (and join the Board) as of February 1st 2015. Albrecht joins Deezer from Millicom, where he was President and CEO of the telecom and media group, which offers digital services to in Africa and Latin America. That seems a good fit given Deezer’s largely rest of the world (ROW) strategy. […] Albrecht previously held the post of President and CEO of Modern Times Group, one of Europe’s larger media groups with TV, Radio, Publishing, Production and New Media assets and 1,500 employees in over 20 countries, according to the company’s official announcement. – Steve O’Hear,TechCrunch
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Streaming Music Service Deezer Expands Into Talk Radio with Stitcher Deal

Online music service Deezer is acquiring radio and podcasting app Stitcher, adding a vast catalog of talk radio programs that the company hopes will make it stand out in a crowded streaming music market. Deezer said the acquisition will give it access to roughly 35,000 radio shows and podcasts, including popular talk radio programs such as This American Life and BBC. – Reuters via FOXBusiness 
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Is High-Fidelity Sound the Future of Streaming Music?

TIDAL and Deezer, the French music-subscription service that recently launched in the U.S., are the first to stream “lossless” files — with a CD-quality bit rate of 1,411 kilobits per second, as opposed to the 256 to 320 rates common on other services. Audiophiles, including Young, have been complaining for years that music files compressed into MP3 and AAC download formats have eroded sound quality to the point of painful listening.[…] The question for Tidal, Deezer and Young’s high-fidelity download service Pono, is whether enough audiophiles exist to justify the costs of streaming much larger files. For the moment, they represent a small niche of music buyers — although they do tend to spend a lot of money on sound equipment, CDs and vinyl records. “It all comes down to, ‘Can people hear the difference?’ — in many cases they will and in many cases they won’t,” says Bobby Owsinski, a veteran mixer and producer who has worked on surround-sound projects for Young, the Who and others. “If I were CEO of one of those companies, I would have limited expectations.” – Steve Knopper,Rolling Stone
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Artists Should Be Curators On Streaming Services

I would love so much to see artists build public playlists of the songs they listen to and that they love. They should be the curators. […] Beats Music boasts heavy artist involvement, Spotify has verified artist accounts and Deezer just launched D4A which allows enhanced engagement between artists and their fans. These artists would not be paid or solicited by the music streaming service, they would just be voluntarily contributing to the streaming community in the same way they do on Twitter and Facebook. – Zack Zarrillo,PropertyOfZack
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Deezer comes to America with new streaming music service for audiophiles

Deezer, a 7-year-old French company that competes with Spotify and other streaming music services around the globe, is coming to the United States at last. But the US version of Deezer’s service has a twist: it’s a premium offering aimed at audiophiles, and for starters, you’ll need a Sonos speaker system to try it out. Deezer Elite, which launches Sept. 15th, will stream tracks from Deezer’s catalog of 35 million songs in 16-bit FLAC. FLAC files are similar to MP3s, but they’re lossless, meaning that the song’s audio quality is not degraded despite being compressed. Spotify, by comparison, streams at a maximum of 320 kbps; Deezer says Elite songs stream at five times the quality. […] At launch, Deezer Elite will be available exclusively through Sonos — at a nice discount. You can try the service for $9.99 if you commit to a year, or $14.99 a month otherwise. The company won’t say exactly how many songs are on Elite; instead, [Tyler Goldman,U.S. CEO] says 90 percent of the songs that have been played on Deezer will be available in 16-bit FLAC. The company plans to bring Elite to more platforms over time, along with the regular version of Deezer. – Casey Newton,The Verge 
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