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Netflix Turning Too Blue? Republicans’ Perception of the Brand Has Dropped, Data Shows

How much has Netflix alienated the right? New data from YouGov, a brand-perception research firm, indicates that Netflix’s positive-impression rating among Republicans in the U.S. has drifted down 16% from the beginning of 2018 through May 31, according to data from YouGov’s BrandIndex. At the same time, Netflix’s approval rating with Democrats has risen 15% over the same time period. – Todd Spangler, Variety https://ift.tt/2sxSdhe

Netflix Exec: Productions From the Obamas Will Not Have a ‘Political Slant’

Sarandos allowed that “it’s hard to argue that there’s not a left lean to the creative community.” But he insisted that the original content Netflix greenlights and distributes is “an aggregation of all those storytellers,” not reflecting “the politics of me” or Netflix chairman and CEO Reed Hastings. – Todd Spangler, Variety https://ift.tt/2IZAFBr

The real fight in the TV streaming wars is not over you. It’s over your kids.

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 now spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV on a regular TV set, according to UK telecoms regulator Ofcom. Kids of that age are also more likely to watch TV shows and movies on a tablet, smartphone, or other device than on a TV set, the same Ofcom report showed. – Ashley Rodriguez, Quartz http://ift.tt/2u9zgVp

For KweliTV, streaming (black content) is the new black

Kweli TV has 11,000 registered users consuming over 200 independent films, documentaries, Web shows and news programming about and from varying black perspectives. In addition to distribution, the platform is also in the early stages of producing its own content, including an original news vertical. The service has multiple tiers, similar to its more well-known competitors, with the yearly plan at $19.99 ($49.99 after the beta period ends) and the monthly one at $2.99 ($5.99). Members also can pay 99 cents for 24-hour rentals. – Tre’vell Anderson, Los Angeles Times