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Police Arrest Men For Spreading Popcorn Time Information

photo: TorrentFreak

While arrests of file-sharers and those running sites that closely facilitate infringement are nothing new, this week’s arrests appear to go way beyond anything seen before. The two men are not connected to the development of Popcorn Time and have not been offering copyrighted content for download. Both sites were information resources, offering recent news on Popcorn Time related developments, guides, FAQ sections and tips on how to use the software. – Andy, TorrentFreak

Streaming music massive in Scandinavia

An estimated 8 million Nordic music fans regularly use music streaming services such as Spotify or WiMP Music, according to a study from Polaris Nordic. […] The study reported that fully 78 percent of Nordic internet users aged 15 to 65 are digital music consumers and have used services such as YouTube, Spotify, Wimp or iTunes to access music content at some time in the past 12 months. […] The Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey was conducted in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden in June 2014. The online survey targeted 4,000 internet users (1,000 per country) aged 15 to 65. – Ray Weaver,The Copenhagen Post
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DFer wants a tax on online video-streaming services

Alex Ahrendtsen, the culture spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti, wants a 2 percent tax charged to multinational online video-streaming services like Netflix. Ahrendtsen wants the levy to be part of a new film deal, for which negotiations begin on 7 October, as a way to help fund the Danish film industry. […] Ahrendtsen called companies like Google, Apple Inc. and Netflix “soldiers of fortune” that undermine, rather than help, the Danish film market. […] Enhedslisten culture spokesperson Jørgen Arbo-Bæhr said that consumers would wind up paying the bill if companies are hit with a fee. – Ray Weaver,The Copenhagen Post 
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Netflix Looks to the Old World for New Growth

France, meet “Yeux Fous.” This month, Netflix, the world’s largest subscription streaming video service, will offer the original series Orange Is the New Black and other programming to six European nations, including Germany and France. It aims to reduce its reliance on the U.S. market and establish global dominance before Time Warner’s HBO GO and Amazon.com’s Prime Instant Video do. […] HBO and sister channel Cinemax have 127 million worldwide customers. The cable channel is expanding internationally with HBO Go, the mobile and streaming product that already competes with Netflix in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, Amazon operates in the U.K. and Germany, where it offers Instant Video to subscribers of its Prime delivery service. – Lucas Shaw,Bloomberg Businessweek
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Streaming Accounted for 63% of Danish Revenues in First Half of Year

Streaming represented 63 percent of Danish recorded music revenue, an increase from 45 percent last year. Digital downloads’ share of revenue declined to 19 percent from 29 percent. Revenue from physical products — CDs and vinyl LPs — declined to 18 percent of revenues from 26 percent a year earlier. […] Other streaming-heavy countries in Scandanavia have had similar gains in the first half of the year. In Sweden, the home of Spotify and the country with the quickest embrace of music subscription services, streaming revenues grew 12 percent and accounted for 81 percent of all recorded music revenue. In Norway, streaming revenues increased about 16 percent and accounted for 77 percent of recorded music revenues. – Glenn Peoples,Bilboard
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HBO Streaming May Expand To Countries In Europe And Asia

Two years after HBO began offering its television shows as a standalone subscription service in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway through a service called HBO Nordic, it’s now looking into expanding the model to other countries, according to an article published Sunday in the The Wall Street Journal. […] The move comes as HBO subscriptions have begun to shrink in the U.S., according to Variety, and as video content competition increases from online services such as Netflix Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and other providers. At the same time, HBO’s revenue in the international market is growing quickly, accounting for about one-quarter of the company’s $4.9 billion in annual revenue. In September, Netflix plans to launch its own streaming service in six European countries, including Germany and France. – Luke Villapaz,International Business Times