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Jeffrey Katzenberg’s video startup Quibi loses Janice Min

Janice Min, best known for turning around trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, left Quibi Wednesday — without explanation. Her exit marks the second big departure months ahead of Quibi’s launch as it follows last month’s exit of Tim Connolly, the head of partnerships and advertising. – Alexandra Steigrad, New York Post » https://ift.tt/2ZPA553

Faux Heiress With Netflix/Shonda Rhimes Deal May Not Get Money Under NY “Son Of Sam” Law

The scam artist who became a hot Hollywood commodity after she was profiled in a New York Magazine article, How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People by Jessica Pressler, signed a lucrative deal with Netflix for her story. An estimated dozen producers were pursuing the story for a screen adaptation for TV and/or features. – Bruce Haring, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/2Y9zeHn

E3: Netflix Exec Reveals Character Details for ‘Stranger Things’ Game, Teases Mobile Content

Netflix show The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is also set to become a “turn-based tactics” game that challenges fans to recruit an army and act as its commander in a series of campaign battles. The show, based on the 1982 Jim Henson film, premieres Aug. 30, while the game is set to launch later this year on various consoles. – Trilby Beresford, The Hollywood Reporter » http://bit.ly/2XjBmjA

Why live PBS streaming is taking so long (and how to deal with it)

For PBS, this process is inherently trickier because all of its member stations are independently owned. Some stations may be jointly managed by a state or regional network, but unlike a Sinclair or in the for-profit world, there are no mega-broadcasters that own large numbers of PBS stations across the country. That means PBS can’t simply work out blanket deals with broadcaster groups and have them provide live feeds to streaming services in bulk… – Jared Newman, TechHive » http://bit.ly/2HYKxzC

Netflix’s Newest App Isn’t for Consumers, but the People Making Its Shows

Netflix has been working on a family of experimental apps designed to simplify some key parts of the production process, including the management of a crew, the scheduling of a shoot, and the budgeting to pay for it all. One of those apps, dubbed Move, has been in testing with select Netflix productions since November. – Janko Roettgers, Variety http://ift.tt/2Fgg2TQ

Netflix CFO to viewers in new markets: be prepared for the worst

[David Wells,CFO] also argued that Netflix was bound to disappoint when it enters new markets, where consumers often expect the service to be like Spotify, offering access to virtually everything for one low monthly fee. “You are not gonna get that,” quipped Wells. But many of these consumers would give Netflix another chance a few months later, and compare it to other online services, or even their local TV networks. In other words: When reality sets in, Netflix actually doesn’t look that bad. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom
(Full Story: http://bit.ly/1Cxee0G )

ViewLift offers end-to-end streaming video services

The ViewLift team developed its well-rounded expertise having run the ad-supported independent film site SnagFilms for three years. Over that time, it also launched several other online video services including comedy app FunnyForFree and original comedy content site Thundershorts, as well as childrens’ site KiddoVid. “We have treated them as opportunities to reach consumers with a specialized portion of our content, but we have also treated them as R&D,” said [Rick Allen], who is also CEO of SnagFilms. – Mike Snider, USA TODAY
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1ypdoLM )

Ten Ways to Monetize a Roku Channel — and One Doesn’t Exist Yet.

#1 — advertising networks. Sign up with an advertising network, add their code to your channel and voila! […] you can approach individual advertisers and have them pay you directly to advertise say, a 15- or 30-second spot on your channel, X number of times, etc. Of course, this requires a bit work — or selling —where the latter didn’t, but you can easily earn a lot more. Of course every channel is different, and some content is more “valuable” to potential advertisers than others, so I won’t try to tell you HOW MUCH to charge. You’ll have to feel it out at first. I’d suggest not being too pricey at first, considering the amount of registered viewers you have starting out. – Phil Autelitano, Medium
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/15hrzvU )
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