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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting a digital release on April 1st

Disney doesn’t mention digital rental availability, and chances are, there won’t be any. Both the original trilogy and the prequels can only be purchased, and it seems unlikely that Disney will change its approach here — given the demand for Star Wars, it can kind of just do that without losing too many viewers. – Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Piracy Can Boost Digital Music Sales, Research Shows

A newly published study by Jonathan Lee, researcher at Queen’s University Department of Economics, sheds an interesting light on these differences and unravels another piece of the puzzle. In a working paper titled Purchase, Pirate, Publicize: The Effect of File Sharing on Album Sales, he examined the effect of BitTorrent piracy on both digital and physical music sales. […] Drawing on a data set of 250,000 albums and 4.8 million downloads from a popular private BitTorrent tracker, he found some interesting effects. The overall results show a modest negative impact on album sales, as music industry executives would expect. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

Music streaming encourages record sales, new report suggests

A report by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) finds that 37 percent of streaming subscribers say that using such services has increased the amount that they spend on downloads. 66 percent of those surveyed described themselves as ‘multi-channel’ consumers, with 13 percent of people claiming that streaming had led them to buy more CDs, while 19 percent said they purchased more vinyl because of streaming. – Luke Morgan Britton, NME Magazine

Death By YouTube: Streaming Music Is Killing The Singles Business

Chelsea Lauren, Getty Images

For the most part, the new RIAA figures confirm what industry observers already knew: Streaming is way up, and physical sales have continued their systemic decline. Streaming revenues from paid subscribers, who are paying monthly fees for access to a service like Spotify or Pandora, rose nearly 25 percent, to $477.9 million. Ad-supported streams rose more than 27 percent, to $162.7 million. […] Digital sales, once regarded as the great hope for the music business, were mostly flat, but the sale of individual songs declined more than 9 percent, to $687.6 million. – Max Willens, International Business Times

German Music Industry Points to Streaming for Recent Growth Spurt

photo: Billboard

The announcement was made by Frank Briegmann, Universal Music Group’s president of Central Europe and a board member of the German music industry association (Bundesverband Musikindustrie), at its annual sales convention in Berlin. […] Many consumers who are using streaming services are paying for music for the first time, Briegmann pointed out. Streaming saw an 87 percent increase in the first seven months and now accounts for 12.8 percent of German music sales. – Wolfgang Spahr, Billboard

Streaming Music Remains a Hit in the Nordic Countries

photo: eMarketer

Consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are already some of the most avid users of streaming music services worldwide, and revenues from the various platforms only continued to grow during H1 2015. Streaming music now accounts for the lion’s share of total music revenues—both physical and digital—in the region. – eMarketer

Another YouTube Network Finds an Exit: Collective Links Up With Germany’s ProSieben

photo: Collective Digital Studio, Rhett and Link

German media conglomerate ProSiebenSat.1 Group is buying Collective Digital Studio, a YouTube network best known for distributing properties like Rhett and Link, The Annoying Orange, and Epic Meal Time. ProSieben, which already owned 20 percent of Collective, is combining it with Studio71, its own Web video unit, and calling the combined company Collective Studio71. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Two Numbers: Streaming Killed the CD Star

Streaming now accounts for 27 percent of U.S. music industry revenues, up from 21 percent in 2013. Total music industry revenues clocked in at just under $7 billion, down 0.5 percent from 2013. While digital downloads still lead the pack with 37 percent of revenue, that’s a shrinking business too: Digital downloads dropped 8.7 percent last year, from $2.82 billion in 2013 to $2.58 billion in 2014. If current trends persist, streaming is well on its way to leading music industry revenues altogether—a mere six years after Spotify, the major online subscription service, launched in beta mode. – Paula Mejia, Newsweek
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/19FjHpC)

CBS Launches Major Campaign To Keep TV Ad Dollars From Moving To Digital

The effort, called the Campaign Performance Audit (CPA), is CBS’ biggest research investment yet to support TV advertising as broadcasters gird for an upfront season struggle to keep dollars from shifting to less expensive digital platforms. CBS says that it will pay to help buyers produce effective ads, find the right shows on which they should air, and then measure the results using data from Nielsen and others. – David Lieberman, Deadline Hollywood
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What’s New On VOD: ‘A Most Violent Year’, ‘Unbroken’, And More

Check out what’s just been added to VUDU, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and other on-demand platforms. – Olivia Armstrong, Decider

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